Dear artists…an open letter to some of you

Dear artists,
An open letter to the artists I have reviewed and shown support
First and foremost, I’d like to thank all of you who have shown love and support to me. However a few issues need to be addressed. It might only concern a few of you, but I feel the need to talk about some people’s two faced attitude towards me.
So…to whom it may concern.
I have noticed that some artists prompted to ask me for promotion, and as soon as the promotion was done, showed a phony attitude, backstabbing me and forgetting about how helpful I had been to them in the past and that’s NOT ok to me.
You all know that I am a writer and a freelance music journalist. I dedicate a lot of time to my passion for the music and I do support the hip hop movement with all my heart. I am very much dedicated to causes I find true and justified.
Those of you who want to categorize me as a « groupie slut » better not ask me for promotion at all.
Yes, I have mad love for Eminem, D12 and many artists from the Shady clan. Having met some of them, I also appreciate them as the persons they are. Yes, I have an Eminem tattoo on my left shoulder as a tribute. I will carry this tattoo on my skin till my last breath and I am proud of it.
I am good looking and I do take care of myself.
However, all those details don’t give you the right to call me a « groupie » behind my back. If I was that much of a groupie, I would be discussing much more about « how cute you are » than about your music. I’d probably be more focused on « talking dirty » with you than on making write ups for promotional purposes.
I am all about the music and if I ever happened to meet any of you « backstage », it would be for professional reasons, like setting up an interview. If you think you gonna make it out with me backstage, you are very wrong about it. Don’t confuse me with one of your numerous « hip hop honeys ». I do respect myself. I might be single, but it doesn’t mean, I’d accept a date with you automatically. I’m not that kind of girl.
Also, please consider the numerous hours of work I dedicate to YOUR cause- for free.
Of course, I am very much aware that the articles I am writing also benefit myself, since artists- writers/publicists- and readership are very much interdependent. I also intend to get a deal in the music industry sooner or later and I keep focused for the same reasons.
Dear artists, I am very much sensitive to your struggle- as underground and mainstream artists. I never considered any of you as a « commercial product ». So I think I could expect a little bit of respect in return.
I don’t care if you like Eminem or not. I am just asking you to respect my musical tastes and not to talk shit behind my back because I have always been loyal towards Marshall Mathers and his crew.
I would like to put one point clear: if you think that I am one of those « backstage hoes », then don’t ask me for promotion.
You are free to think what you want about me…just don’t ask me for a review if you consider me as a groupie. Groupies usually don’t write reviews…
Sorry for some of you, but there is no place for phonies in my world.

3 thoughts on “Dear artists…an open letter to some of you”

  1. youre working pro bono for these artist, time out of your hands, and for your passion of hip hop.. i sometimes help promote, sponsor, support ect people too (not artists).. and i did have a couple not give me any respect or even any acknowledgement of doing favors and such for them. i know how you feel. its like they were only using you to get their name out and later forget about you, or just plain out diss you thinking theyre better off now with out you.
    as for the groupie comment.. it was CHEAP. im thinking they preconcievely connected you to this and that and came up with the most uneducated thought. it was a mindless cat call just to yank your chains, cause for big fans.. ppl know where to strike their nerves. so it was CHEAP.
    i dont know about you, but dont trip about it. i mean i dont think they know what a journalist/publicist is capable of.. you have so much fucking power with just your words, they dont even know what theyre messing with. just keep doing your thing!
    -ur always up to date with the shady family. i like that!

  2. briefly i was busy now i’m a regular on your blog.have been on other sites, but none other than detoithip-hop is up to date. as for all things d 12, your site is informative. i’m d 12 4 life fan. finally don’t let them cheap comments put you down. as for them artists just remember their first interview/request4promos OR KEEP ALL PROMOS YOU DONE 4 THEM UNTILL they are so called stars, then pull it out after adecade or two just to show them, how long you’ve sat there and saw them grow.

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