I got beef…LMAO…with Backstab The Kingpin

I apologize in advance to my readers for the strong language…I gotta let my anger out against an emcee whom I have always been nice with and who starts talking bullshit behind my back…
This Detroit emcee was one of the firsts to ask me for promotion…he is currently the most hated emcee in Detroit…however, i never said any wrong word to him, despite the many people hating him in Detroit…and now the bitch is attacking me (like the traitor he is) behind my back, talking shit against me on a yahoo group?
Fuck you Fagstab!!!
I’ma make the beef public you asshole:
Backstab, i intend to delete you from my friend’s list, but first of all i will speak my mind about your behavior towards me…it didn’t bother you that i was “dickriding” Em when you needed my support overseas…Stacey and me are jerking over Em?
Let me tell you what:
-you are a fake, a pussy and Deshaun Holton said the truth about you on his mixtape: you can’t write good lyrics, you should pay a ghostwriter…
i never ever said one wrong word to you, even when you dissed Em on Detroit rap, and now that…if you have a beef with me, address it personally, you have my email address, you can write me there instead of talking behind my back.
Shall i gently remind you that i got you some exposure on a French hip hop website and that i got you into a French hip hop mag?
You call me old? you are no teenager either as far as i know…LMAO at your faggot ass…
You are the biggest asshole from Detroit i have ever met on the net. And you can kiss my ass. You are a traitor to Detroit rap and many ppl there can’t wait to kick your ugly ass for real…
Rob Chichester you are a snake and a faggot!

3 thoughts on “I got beef…LMAO…with Backstab The Kingpin”

  1. Isa, I respect you but your language really is shocking for someone of your age. Someone not knowing who you are would think a 12 year old posted what you did.
    Don’t lower yourself to their standards. It only proves to them that you are just as low a form as they are.
    Great Site by the way.
    Steven Pearce

  2. I don’t care how people view me. I don’t really care how I am supposed to talk at “my age”… I was angry and I had to let it out.

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