8 Mile’s Proof tribute/ Dogmatic/ song review

Rating:4.5 stars
Heartbreaking. The touching song introduces you into a surrealistic atmosphere. No contest Proof’s Promatic partner’s words are a tearjerker that won’t leave the listener indifferent.
Repetitive guitar and bass sounds lead you into Dogmatic’s dedication to his friend Deshaun Holton aka Proof aka Derty Harry. The instrumentals and the beats will take you with him for Detroit soldiers crazy ride.
Ride with them on a place called 8 Mile Road.
8 Mile Road, where real G’s live a dangerous life. Guns and beefs are part of their all day life.
8 Mile Road, the place for true friendships. The place where Kevin Bailey aka Dogmatic and Deshaun Holton grew up.
The chorus is fulfilled with nostalgia. All the past memories are popping into a hurt mind. It is hard to realize that a long term friend has left the earth for ever. It is hard to realize there will be no laughing together, no occasions to chill at local bars, no more occasions to work together.
Deshaun used to roll on 8 Mile Road. His music was breathing the Detroit hood. Proof made us familiar with his world. He touched us with his simplicity and his sincerity.
April the 11th, 2006 has marked the end of an era. The person who killed Deshaun Holton has not only deprived his family and friends from him. Proof’s murderer has left a whole community of hip hop lovers wounded.
The young legend has gone. Promatic and Sick Notes left us this touching song in loving memory and didn’t forget to mention other Detroit fallen soldiers such as Blade Icewood and Bugz.
Deshaun Holton is a legend. Rest In Heaven, Big Proof.
Listen to Dogmatic’s song here.

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