Eminem’s wife seeks custody, support

Kimberley Mathers, the once and likely future ex-wife of hip-hop star Eminem, filed court papers last week asking for financial support and physical custody of the couple’s 10-year-old daughter.
Mathers’ attorney, Michael J. Smith, filed her response to Eminem’s divorce petition and a counter-complaint April 26 in Macomb County Circuit Court. In the filings, she asks for Eminem, who was born Marshall Mathers, to pay her attorney fees for the divorce proceedings, as well as the cost of the mortgage, insurance and utilities for the home the couple shared in Clinton Township.
The documents also state that she wants to share legal custody of the couple’s daughter, Halie, but wants Eminem to provide child support.
Her filings shed no light on what led Eminem to file for divorce last month, just 82 days after they wed in Rochester Hills. They first married in 1999 and divorced in 2001.
Eminem’s divorce filing said the couple have a prenuptial agreement.
Attorneys for Eminem and Mathers did not return calls seeking comment Tuesday.

7 thoughts on “Eminem’s wife seeks custody, support”

  1. Je pense qu’Em devrait continuer à avoir la garde de sa famille tout en la laissant à sa mère comme prévu bien sûr. Mais je crois qu’elle est habitué à son père et qu’il ne faut pas changer comme sa. En plus, il ne reste à Em plus que sa fille et c bête de donner la garde à sa mère. Je pense que cela pourra l’idée à tout surmonter; sinon il risque de s’écrouler. Kim est certainement une très bonne mère, mais Em doit continuer à s’occuper de sa fille comme il l’a toujours fait.

  2. De toute façon, Kim demande une garde conjointe, donc il n’y aura pas de problème je pense…je pense qu’ils arriveront à s’entendre là dessus…

  3. Far out Kim how low can u go………?
    Eminem has suffered enough during the past 12 months, he’s had a wedding, got divorced, lost a best friend, been accused of taking drugs, and not only that the public and the press are making him out to be a messed up idiot.
    Em clearly loves his children to bits and I cannot begin to fell the hurt and portrayal he is feeling at the moment. My thoughts go out to u Em.
    Note For KIM: Cat’s have nine lives people have one. If You Keep Messing with Em You Will be sure to have NONE.

  4. You all should avoid talking about Kim and taking it to a personal level…matter of fact: you don’t know Kim personally…you were not inside of the Mathers’ couple, you don’t know what happened…so please avoid to judge…and to jump to conclusions…
    I never said I approved all of Kim’s actions…however, since I don’t know her nor Marshall, i find it useless to comment on their divorce, Court shit and the things that happened recently inside of their couple. We don’t know. We were not here to watch Marshall and Kim.

  5. Funny, that person Jess has a lot to say. Is he/she that obsessed with Eminem that he/she thinks that she can threaten the life of his ex wife? I’m thinking “stan”… (scary).

  6. Anybody who talks shit about Kim on the net looks like an idiot…face it: you don’t know her and most of you freaks attack her because you’re jealous she has a place in Marshall’s heart, a place you will NEVER have. Jess, shut the fuck up!
    Death threats against Kim Mathers on the net? You must have a few screws loose…go see your doctor, girl.

  7. Both Em and Kim had made many mistakes…No ones perfect. But, she has been through hell and back…And she has turned her life around…She is clean and sober. I read her e-mail to Star Magazine…she seems honest. We don’t live in their house to see what goes on…Maybe she is telling the truth. There must be some truth to what she says…He keeps taking her back…over and over. Let’s face it deep down in his heart he loves her. I was honestly hoping it worked for them this time.

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