Mr Cliffnote:the spirit of Detroit is in his music

Mr Cliffnote is a Detroit artist who started rapping since the mid 80’s.
Cliffnotes is introduced by some soft keyboard sounds and catchy beats. Mr Cliffnote flows with confidence, showing some real good lyrical agility.
Elevate starts with some energetic guitar sound. Let Mr Cliffnote get political and open your conscience about the government.
Political lies have no chance with Mr Cliffnote. He exposes them all. Mr Bush’s racism is also underlined in the track. Nobody wants to die for Mr Bush’s greedy plans in Iraq. Find the truth and refuse the lies.
Mr Cliffnote has a nice flow delivery on the track. Instrumentally and lyrically, the song is also worth your listen. Engagement is more than a necessity nowadays. Open your eyes and refuse to get abused by politicians. I particularly appreciate the fact that Mr Cliffnote points out how much of the American government’s budget is spent on war, while very few is given to help out victims from New Orleans.
Time to wake up. Elevate your mind.
Get Over Detroit is built on a softer note and introduces you into an all day Detroit ghetto life. You guessed it: life in the Detroit hood is a constant struggle. Violence, guns, kids trying to imitate DMX, and cats trying to make it. Mr Cliffnote describes life in his city very well.
Oh Yea is a nice track with a R’n’B flavor. Enjoy the softness and the harmony of the track.
Mr Cliffnote proudly represents the Detroit hood. Check him out here.