Hood Surgeon: Dr Dre’s son is ready to take over

Coming straight outta Compton, California, a young man named Curtis Young aka Hood Surgeon, notorious Dr Dre’s son is determined to keep the legacy alive.
Not only does Curtis look like a spitting image of his dad, the young man also inherited his talent. Curtis Young has a strong voice and spits with confidence on dope ass beats, representing the West Coast with pride.
Paradise starts on a beautiful Johann Sebastian Bach background. The mixture of a classical background combined with a soft chorus and Curtis’ comes up with a raw voice and a Compton hood spirit. The whole track is lead by the hand of a master. It looks like Dr Dre sings in the second hook. Well done.
The CD baby website will also allow you to get some more insight about Curtis Young’s The Autopsy mixtape.
Hood Surgeon steps into the rap game with confidence. The young man has some obvious lyrical skills that he intelligently combines with some dope ass beats. Listen to the young hip hop soldier open up your chest with an incisive scalpel. Let him introduce you into the Compton hood atmosphere. Beautifully handled, definitely West Coast dedicated, The Autopsy mixtape is really worth your interest. The CD is mixed up with some Dre and NWA samples. Instrumentally, the album is very much interesting too.
I recommend you Murder and Dead Body. Cold As Ice is also worth your interest. Catchy beats, dark bass lines and an incredibly skilled young man who shows some real talent.
The same passion that animates Andre Young is running through his son’s veins. Check out Curtis Young aka the Hood Surgeon, he will probably amaze you.

8 thoughts on “Hood Surgeon: Dr Dre’s son is ready to take over”

  1. Checked out Hoods website. Listend to a few songs str8 up nothing special aint hating on the dude just saying the real. But regardless he’s doin his thing… I personally wouldn’t buy his cd but some folks might..

  2. he seem cool to me… sounds like Dre, just with a different flow i think,but hes not like hes pops. maybe with a dr.dre bet he could do it but…

  3. dude the first mo fo to leave a comment f u mayne. dres sons that fire reppin westcoast hard go to the east coast if u aint feelin it. mad love to the entire dre family r.i.p young dre

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