More info about Eminem’s divorce revealed on Mojo in The Morning

Eminem Files For Divorce; Kim Responds On Mojo In The Morning
Marshall Mathers has filed for divorce from his wife Kim just 82 days after remarrying her. In December, Eminem used Mojo In The Morning to announce to the world that the high school sweethearts planned to have an encore wedding. The reconciliation included a private wedding at Rochester’s Meadow Brook Hall. But on Wednesday morning, Marshall filed papers with the Macomb County Courthouse asking for a divorce and now Mojo In The Morning is in the center of the controversy yet again.
Kimberly Mathers called our show this morning to tell us that the divorce filing was a surprise to her: “I was hoping we could go to counseling and work things out but he sent an attorney to my house with papers and said that [Marshall] filed for divorce.” Kim also alluded to Eminem’s past drug addictions coming back to haunt him. She said that he moved out of their mansion six weeks ago and is now living in their Oakland County home. Kim confessed, “I see him doing a lot of the same things I did when I had my problem. I see exactly the same pattern that I was falling in. I was there so I’ve tried to reach out but unfortunately right now, if that’s not what he wants then there’s nothing anybody can do.”
Kim shared details of her children, saying that she agrees that Marshall should have joint custody of their daughter Hailie Jade. The divorce filing mentioned no special arrangements for Laney (Marshall’s neice) or Whitney (Kim’s daughter from a previous relationship) who lived with the couple. Marshall had legally adopted Laney and rapped about her in his recent song “When I’m Gone.” Kim said that Hailie learned about the divorce by listening to the radio station. When Mojo asked if it would be possible to get family life to get back to normal, Kim replied “I hope it doesn’t take losing everything, but right now we don’t even speak. I haven’t talked to him in over a month.” Spike reminded Kim that Eminem is a frequent listener and she could use the airwaves to reach out to him. Kim addressed Marshall directly: “I love you and I’m here for you. If you need anybody… I’m really sorry that things happened this way.”
Sara asked Kim if the marriage might have worked this time if Marshall wasn’t facing the drug abuse that she claims he is currently going through. She said, “I believe in my heart that it would have.” Mojo ended the conversation by asking Kim if she would remarry Eminem years down the road if he was clean and sober. She replied, “I never wanted to be separated. It’s not my choice, but it didn’t work out that way, I got an attorney at the door instead.”
Eminem’s response sent via e-mail: The details surrounding both my marriage and subsequent filing for divorce are private and I had hoped to keep them that way for the sake of my family. However, a few of Kim’s statements in the interview this morning need to be addressed. First, her allegations regarding my status post-rehab are both untrue and unfortunate. Second, she was aware that I was filing for divorce. We both tried to give our marriage another chance and quickly realized that a wedding doesn’t fix the underlying problems.
Mojo In The Morning respects Marshall’s privacy and we hope the situation resolves itself in a fashion that is best for his family. We also offer Marshall our airwaves should he ever wish to address unfounded rumors or set the record straight with his fans here in Detroit.

11 thoughts on “More info about Eminem’s divorce revealed on Mojo in The Morning”

  1. Do any of you feel that he is doing drugs? If he is doing drugs would he have gained so much weight? Poor guy, I wish he could just find happiness!

  2. At least they are not getting divorced because of Kim’s cheats. Kim seems to love him and she says she doesnt wanna get seperated, I dont understand why he is doing this…
    I hope he is okay…

  3. I don’t believe her. It can’t be all his fault. If he is still using, he needs support & help of course, but I still think they’re better off apart. I don’t know his reason for leaving but it has to be big or maybe he just realized finally that it wasn’t gonna work. He has been tryin’ for years to keep them together for Hailie. Maybe he’s finally given up. You can’t believe every word she says. He’s proven time & time again he loves her. He stood by her through all of her cheating, everything!! Maybe the fighting got to him & he didn’t want to go in circles. Like I said before he’s had a bad year & maybe he doesn’t want to add to it. We don’t know, but I’m definitly praying for them. He made the right decision.

  4. I think he is using again. Sleeping pills can be very difficult to stop. Especially when the only time he feels no pain or angst and is able to escape is when he sleeps. Hope he gets help, and sometimes tough love is what it takes……………………

  5. It’s not like he really sleeps when he takes those pills. The problem b4 was that he used so much that he stopped sleeping. It was said that it kept him going. He was totally exausted. I hope he hasn’t gone back to that. He was really struggling. It is likely that he is using. He’s always had a problem with that.

  6. i think we are all expecting the worst and that em has returned to drugs, i think if he uses the will power i know he has, that he hasn’t returned to drugs and that Kim is just starting more shit.

  7. We don’t know anything about this situation. Let’s wait until we get some reliable info before we jump to conclusions.

  8. Jess, Eminem is and will remain my biggest source of inspiration…he is amazing, I agree:)

  9. I agree with Isabelle he is my main source of inspriation and he is by far the best artist out there we should wait until we get more info on whats going on, however drugs or no drugs he should be able to pull through just about anything given how his child hood was if he is doing drugs hopefully it is moderation and not as bad as it was before as for Kim thats his business not ours, hopefully this gives him more fuel for his flame and comes out with some more awesome music, really his music is the only thing we should be hoping he is married to from a fan point of view his personal life is really non of our business if there wasnt so much pressure on the guy maybe he wouldnt do drugs or have to step back from the lime light to rest. its unfortunate how the media always put a spot light on famous people’s perosnal life this is why most celeberies fall into the drug life deeper then they already were. i am just a big an of his music and i all i care about is that he keeps providing us with his lyrical genius, and that he doesnt get himself hurt as well
    “much luv & respect from California”

  10. James and Isabelle i sincerly agree with you. Em is a insperation to many pepole in the world including me and too see him go through all of this makes me wonder exactley why everyone is saying such harsh cruel things about him.

  11. i don’t think it’s her fault as he has’nt been the best husband in the world has he??!!. Anyway i think it was wrong for her to remarry him as he seem to have no respect for her or other women (and before any ya’ll argue just check out his lyrics they really degrade women). I personally think he’s a crap rapper who everybody likes cos he’s the only white rapper (and i ain’t racist as there are plenty of great white rappers just not him)!!

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