Eminem angered by retirement rumors

Rapper Eminem has rubbished constant rumors he is about to retire, claiming comments he made last year were misinterpreted.
The Oscar and Grammy Award-winner announced he was taking time out of his career after he was forced to pull out of his world tour to undergo treatment for sleeping pill dependency.
But he insists he is planning to concentrate on recording and producing again after announcing the end of his short-lived second marriage to Kimberley Ann Scott earlier this week.
He says, “People get it twisted when I said I’m taking a break. I never said I’m going to stop doing music. What I meant was that I’m taking a break from being the frontman and the centre of attention.”
“I want to fall back for a minute, but I never stop recording. I keep busy.”

3 thoughts on “Eminem angered by retirement rumors”

  1. well i am glad to hear he is not quitting the biz because his music is very inspirational to me for sures. im sure he will be back with a vengance espcially after what just happend to Proof im sure it will be a while before we hear anything new from Eminem but when we do it will be the best music he has ever done. its sad to say but it looks like he has some fuel for his fire with his devorce and the death of his best friend, hopefully he does not try and start $hit and get himself killed too, but if he does talk $hit im sure it will be good as hell.
    much luv & respect from California

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