Papa Graz, lyrical soldier

Global rating of his songs: 3.75 stars
Some of your might ask yourselves about who Papa Graz actually is. Papa Graz is an artist from the Detroit underground scene. My former article about him might give you some more insight about him.
Papa Graz is one of those Detroit emcees who value good lyrics. He enjoys rapping very much and takes his role as an emcee very seriously.
Like the hip hop soldier he actually is, Papa Graz introduces you into his Step With Respect song. New to the game? Yes, maybe:
I’m new to the game but don’t make the mistake/
Of thinkin’ that I’m lame or that I can’t hang/
Underestimate and I will disgrace your name/
But Step With Respect and get treated with the same//”
But Papa Graz is ready to take over with some tight lyrics. Drums, violins and keyboards point out Papa Graz’ fight for victory.
Open your ears and eyes and let the lyrics take over like a powerful weapon:
“I pop this Vicodin/ So I got help when I/ Write some rhymes that’ll reach your soul/ I’m not a hypocrite/ So I gotta tell ya that/ Swallowin’ will help your flow/ I’m not sayin’ ya can’t flow when you’re sober and not stoned/ But better vocal control will surely smooth your roll/ Moreover son, I’m not saying everyone should blaze up some blunts/ Fuck, do what you want/ But do it cuz ya wanna/ Not because I said I love ’em/ Think about your friends, do you think you trust ’em?/ Would they feed you something that wasn’t up to stuff?/ When your defenses are down, are you gonna act tough?/ To make up for the lack of muscle in your front/ Just relax son and don’t be a fuckin’ punk//”
Some commercial rappers might slowly have forgotten about it, but the beauty of the rap game lies in the lyrical ability of an emcee. Of course, a good flow, good instrumentals and beats are necessary too. However, a rapper with no skills will hardly impress true hip hop lovers. Papa Graz will remind you of the importance of quality lyrics, that’s what his struggle is also about.
So What fights typical misconceptions about who Papa Graz actually is. He’s white and he grew up in the suburbs, so what? Not really a thug, no addicted to hard drugs, so what?
Numerous violins in the background make Papa Graz’ gig’s enjoyable.
Globally, Papa Graz worked hard on both songs he exposed on his my space account. His lyrical skills are undeniable. Papa Graz has nice instrumentals too. The only thing that might bother the listener a little bit is the acoustic quality of his tracks that should be improved a little bit.
Check out Papa Graz here.

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