Melancholy Outcast: when rage meets bitterness

Melancholy Outcast is a group that is composed of Mefetikid, Kendrick Notsa, Opti-Mystik, Vincent Drallab, MR. KRAZE. The group’s originality is to combine hip hop and rock.
Mental Thoughts will make you enter into a rough world that is underlined by some harsh instrumentals. Have you ever been invaded by suicidal thoughts when most of your problems seemed to be unsolvable? Most of us have experience overwhelming anguish in front of problems that seemed difficult or quite impossible to solve. Mental Thoughts allows you to penetrate into desperate heads and makes you feel anxiety and helplessness.
Dark, rhythmic and full of the flavor of helplessness and desperation, Mental Thoughts introduce you into the inside world of a desperate person.
Mosee Music is rhythmic and loaded with rage. Gritty voices and astute lyrics will make you like the entertaining track. Drums combined with electric guitars and a homicidal spirit draw a dark atmosphere. The track is well handled lyrically and instrumentally.
I liked The Music less than the two other tracks exposed on Melancholy Outcast’s my space account. The Music is mixed up with different instrumentals and sounds a little bit monotonous, most of the time.
However Melancholy Outcast are definitely worth your attention. The artists come up with a style that you will hear nowhere else. Check them out here.