Jealousy/Martin Solveig/ song review

Rating: 4,5 stars
Most of you probably think that money is the root of all evil? You might be wrong about it. Jealousy is worst. It eats you up alive and deprives you of your own means. Jealousy and envy only prove us wrong and point out our own weaknesses. Sometimes it even becomes ridiculous when people who lack talent envy a skilled artist.
Martin Solveig’s Jealousy song is one of the most entertaining and rhythmic track I came across recently. The song is introduced by some powerful guitar chords, noisy drums.
It is followed by trumpets and loud keyboard sounds.
The person whose vocal talent needs to be enlightened is the black man on the mic, American blues musician Elmer Fields. Elmer Fields has a warm and sensual voice and his great performance will remind many of you of soul legend James Brown. Elmer Fields leads you into an overheated atmosphere, describing the harm and drama jealousy can create in people’s lives while Martin Solveig will play the character of the jealous guy trying to steal from other people’s talent.
Martin Solveig’s instrumentals are very well handled and are also an obvious invitation to dance. Usually I am unable to sit on my chair while listening to the track. French DJ Martin Solveig has a quite impressing discography at his active and no contest this white artist is a black music lover.
Jealousy is rhythmic, instrumentally rich, funny. It is also the perfect track for parties and other joyful events.
This song is definitely worth your attention. Some classify it as a combination of funk and house music. I’d rather describe it as an astute mixture of disco, funk and soul. Mr Solveig handles his instrumentals very well, but I think that Elmer Fields’ incredible vocal performance needs to be underlined.
Check out the video to Jealousy here.

3 thoughts on “Jealousy/Martin Solveig/ song review”

  1. Merci bcp!!!!! Jadore cette chanson. Je pensais pas que t’aimais bien… C franchement cool. Je vais lire sa tranquille.
    Le black qui chante, j’ai vriament cru que c’était Bobby Brown!! lol

  2. Si j’aime vraiment bien…en fait g une oreille très ouverte à tout ce qui est soul/ blues/ funk…ce gars Elmer Fields, il est incroyable, il m’a vraiment impressionnée.

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