Happy Birthday Nathan Mathers!

Happy b’day to Eminem’s little brother who is turning 20 today:)
Would be great if we heard some of his raps soon…

11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Nathan Mathers!”

  1. hey!!
    i like eminem so much hes the bst rapper of all the world.
    nathan and eminem are the best!!!
    Peace!! Lorena

  2. Hay its Jay im Happy for you big time im just chilling in Windsor at one time i was liveing in Bahamas With My Mom rich ass hell now im liveing on 900 buks a month and now i relize on the way to the Bahamas i drove right by you on i 75 south well you were broke. We spent 170.000 all we hade. Im happy some wone like me made it this earth we live on . Thats you now one cane stop you now your the bigist the best thar is and will be you know it i know it Marshal knows it.
    From Jason S Mather

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