The spiritual signification of locked doors

When we work towards precise goals, some of our projects seem to work straight away, without experiencing any kind of trouble. However, it isn’t always the case. Sometimes we spend hours of work and sacrifice, but we cannot prevent obstacles to occur. We might suddenly feel we are standing in front of a locked door.
Does a symbolically « locked door » mean we should abandon and focus on something else? Not necessarily. God might want to test our degree of faith the same way he did it with Abraham centuries ago.
So how can we know if we chose the right way? Keep quiet, pray and ask for directions.
Keep doing your thing and if the door doesn’t open after multiple efforts, this is definitely a sign that you didn’t take the right way.
It looks that you have no other choice but U-turn. Ok. Is that to be interpreted in a negative way? Not at all. It often means that God has a better plan for you.
The door is locked and you feel frustrated, because your immense efforts did not pay off. Be grateful for this locked door. It is just a way of preventing you from a catastrophe.
The locked door can lead you to a bigger blessing, because it offers you loads of new opportunities. Forget about the direction you wanted to take and open your eyes widely : you will be astonished at the many new pads that are open for you.
When the door is locked, don’t ignore the many windows that are wide open in front of you.
May those thoughts open your mind to the infinite possibilities that lie in front of you. A wondrous world of new possibilities awaits you.
Be so courageous and exploit them. You won’t be disappointed.