Discover Canadian rapper EkS

Global rating of the Playbook mixtape 2005: 3.75 stars
Rapper EkS offers anybody of you the chance to download his Playbook mixtape 2005 on his my space account.
Just give him a beat and EkS will surprise you with his rapid flow and skills. Open your ears and be ready for some intense moments of a man’s rhyming’s passion. Get addicted and he’ll give you the medicine…listen to him spit with enthusiasm.
After a nice noisy introduction with some good instrumentals, Prep Talk, EkS guides you, step after step, into his world.
Here He Is starts on a gentle and soft note. Ladies and gentlemen, here he is, ready to bless the mic with his skills.
Envious Eyes featuring Mind Benda is all about jealousy inside of the rap game. Everywhere snakes waiting in the dark, ready to bite people they are jealous of. The track is very rhythmic and the little soul note gives a particular note to the song thanks to Mind Benda’s sensual voice.
Another wonderful track is Chasing Dreams featuring Sienna. The keyboard sounds, instrumentals and beats are well handled. Again, Eks shows some good lyrical skills. The whole song is based on the story of someone who struggles hard to achieve his goals.
Like an astute cook who manages to make his meal taste delicious and unique at the same time, EkS mixes up different elements and spices up his rap songs with a real good sound and some dope ass beats.
I particularly recommend you Prep Talk, Here He Is, Envious Eyes and Chasing Dreams.
The Playbook mixtape 2005 is definitely worth your interest. Wanna download the music? Go to EkS’ my space account.