Sharp words, dark sounds, check Detroit City Slickaz' 7 Mile style!

Sharp keyboards sounds welcome you on Detroit City Slickaz my space account…Mix up the darkest influences: a little bit of Biggie and Pac, an ounce of Big Herk, Eminem and Tech9. Combine them with a little Beastie Boys, Cassidy and the Game flavor and you might obtain something that is Detroit City alike.
If you like it gangsta and familiar with sharps and hostile words, Detroit City Slickaz will make you feel the darkness and the hustling spirit of the Detroit hood.
The Detroit group is composed of Icee Boy, D-Ea$y, Donnie Rage, Sunny Westclock and Young Banga.
What are many underground emcees greatest needs? Success and money. Listen to Money Mission and let them hustlers show you how they « sell product », so everybody can get rich. This sentence might shock some people who are not that familiar with hip hop culture, but you gotta be aware that many labels, like Eazy E’s Ruthless Records label were created thanks to the money hustlers get from peddling drugs.
Life in the hood is a matter of survival and those who wanna make it try by any means.
Detroit Niggaz, a Runyon Ave theme song written by 7 Milers starts on a very dark and slow instrumental background. It is followed by the groups very rhythmic and nice flow. Let them Detroit soldiers represent their city with pride and take over.
Among the songs exposed on their my space account, I particularly recommend you Money Mission and Detroit Niggaz.
Check them 7 Mile inhabitants, discover and enjoy the music on their my space account.