My advice to people who are going through mental pains

Maybe it would be so damn annoying if all of our days were sunny. Rainy and cloudy days are here to teach us some very valuable life lessons.
It sometimes looks like sunny days are over and that our whole world seems to be breaking down. But this is just an impression: the good days and moments are not very far away from us…all we have to do is to work on our attitude.
Of course, we don’t master each event that happens in our lives. Sometimes, we just hate what happened to us and feel so much helpless.
It would be so easy to fall into depression and to pity yourself! An easy solution, but are you sure you can assume the consequences of depression? Do you really want the whole world to pity you and be dependent on medication your whole life? Because this is probably what might happen if you don’t react on time! You might even end up in a psychiatric hospital. Is this really the way you envision your future?
Being a « brainless plant » that everybody pities?
Probably not.
Ok, life can be hard. Things that we don’t control at all might occur in our lives. We might be very hurt and our hearts might be bleeding. However there is one thing we can ALWAYS control: our attitude!
A change of attitude is the key to solving many mental pains. If you can’t change your negative thoughts right now (be sure you will have to think in a positive way further on if you really want things to change), then try to concentrate on things you really like. Put your heart and your soul into it. Intellectual or manual work can be very useful outlets for the inside pain we might be experiencing. The more you do what you like doing, the more you will improve your mental state of mind…
Now that you know you are capable of concentrating on things you like, make another positive move into the right direction and you will see that mental pains and rainy days will soon be over.
We have more power than we actually think. Use your positive attitude to change your world. I can do it. You can do it. Any person of good will can do it.

3 thoughts on “My advice to people who are going through mental pains”

  1. You are simply amazing…this is just what I needed to read for uplifting my soul. Thank you for the time, compassion, and reality we all need at times to be reminded of. You are a blessing for me today Ms. Isa.

  2. Thank you both for reading and commenting…
    Tracey, I’m really happy if those words could help…God bless:)

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