To the freaks who are not satisfied with Em’s wedding pics I posted…

I wanna put several things clear:
– this site might be about Eminem BUT it is also about Detroit rap and hip hop in general.
As an Eminem biographer, I have written a lot about Marshall Mathers and his family. Not with nosey and bad intentions, but in order to enlighten his role as a regular person, a family father etc…
-I am in no way a fucking tabloid. Posting Eminem’s wedding pics are not my priority. Music is my MAIN PRIORITY for this site. I enjoy sharing Eminem pics I have with people, but if you start harassing me for those wedding pics, I won’t post any Eminem nor other family member picture on this site!
– ask yourselves: if the pics of the ceremony are not posted on the net, it might mean that Em and Kim wanted to keep them PRIVATE; damn, when will you start respect the man’s privacy? it is his marriage, not yours, his life, not yours! Leave him the fuck alone for one minute instead of pissing me off with your silly Hailie Whitney Alaina pics from the ceremony demands.
– all the info I have posted about Em could be found on the net…but i will never try to post something that he probably doesn’t want to be posted by any means!
The Eminem Blog is mostly about rap music and hip hop culture, this is NOT a celebrity gossips magazine, get it?
I had to get this out of my chest because some of you are really getting on my nerves!!!

9 thoughts on “To the freaks who are not satisfied with Em’s wedding pics I posted…”

  1. I know that “freak who is not satisfied with Em’s wedding photos” is me.
    I’m sorry. I’m really thankful for the long article you’ve written about Em, I really am and I’m sorry. I just wanted to see more photos.

  2. I am very hopeful for your family future, and its good place to start. Maybe you don’t believe in God, well no one is perfect. God love your family not matter what anyone else thinks. Hard times will come and I am confident that all of you will be together because of your love is growing strong for each other. Happiness will always be there.

  3. no problem…please understand that i cannot spend my whole time on Em’s wedding pics…i didn’t find more pictures…for the moment…

  4. Yep, I understand Isabelle. Sorry again. By the way this site is really great. I’ve seen a lot of sites about Em, and to be honest some of them are not very good, but this site is such a great work, one of the best sites about Em. And it enables fans to write their opinions which is not found at Eminem sites. Thanx for your work.

  5. No problem, BeeKat, it is just that i am concentrated on so many projects at the same time, and I did my best to find some pics for my readers, so it kinda angered me when you were asking for more…if they had been available on the net, I would have posted them lol
    I have a bad character, but I’m not a bad person lol so let’s forget about it, it’s ok:)

  6. Well, I didn’t read some of the comments, but so far I think they just wanted to know, probably not in a bad way or anything. Most of your comments are very very fanbased though, but being ‘in bad character’ really isn’t very different from being a bad person though, just saying you know. Lol, but hey it’s cool, I understand you got more stuff to do rather than post pics, but it just shows the fans devotion to your site you know. Without them, you wouldn’t be where you are today, just like Em wouldn’t either.

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