Uncle ILL/ Stress/ song review

Rating: 4 stars
Sometimes our lives are like the stages of our own theater.
Nice violin sounds introduce Uncle ILL’s song like a little symphony and first lead to a quite festive atmosphere. In collaboration with Mad Chemist, Uncle ILL opens the waltz. The listener- who probably expected a romantic song- will be taken by surprise. As the instruments invite you to dance, Uncle ILL pours his heart against the person who shared his life. Nice beats and violins soften the drama. Uncle ILL sets his ultimatum: he wants his wife not to, leave now, but right now.
Most of our relationships break after several years, because of the many misunderstanding that we accumulate, day after day.
Uncle ILL portrays a typical dependant woman, who doesn’t bother to work, « always in the kitchen, constantly bitching », while he brings food at home.
Partying all night, waiting for the money to magically enter her purse, cheats on her husband and seems to find everything normal.
Uncle ILL, who is getting sick of the situation that literally eats him alive, splits with the woman who caused this stress and is on his way to calming down.
Nice beats, nice instrumentals and nice job, Uncle ILL. The contrast between the soft violins and Uncle ILL’s raw voice make this track very enjoyable.
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