Who the fuck wanna fuck with Fully Loaded from the 313?

Four Detroit guys Wizz, Spree, Gutta Maine, and J-One and EZ who handles the beats are ready to rep the D for you. If you’re fond of gangsta rap, the hood musicians are exactly what you need. Creeping in the hood, crunk and high on drugs, spitting with confidence and producing some raw sounds, our Detroit soldiers proudly represent their hood.
Introducing you into their explosive worlds made of glockmatics, the group shoots its words like bullets while rhythmic beats and abrasive sounds invade your ears. You gotta be prepared for a trip into the 313.
The reality in its harshness is exposed in the Fully Loaded 313 album. Hood Music Entertainment-the label’s name- says it all.
Gangsta rap lovers, Fully Loaded 313, probably won’t leave you indifferent. Good instrumentals, words that flow like missiles, a harsh sense of ghetto reality.
You wanna know how they get down? Listen to their music here.
Be prepared to get lyrically shot: it is fully loaded!