Judge throws out most of Eminem’s relatives’ lawsuit

A Macomb County judge threw out the bulk of a lawsuit filed against rap superstar Eminem by his relatives who claimed he reneged on a promise to pay them $500,000 and buy them a house.
However, Macomb County Circuit Judge Mary A. Chrzanowski ruled Monday morning Eminem’s aunt and uncle, Jack and Betti Schmitt could, at least for now, pursue a claim that the rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, unjustly profited from the improvements they made to a house in Clinton Township that was titled in his name.
She also left the door open for the family to amend the lawsuit in the next 14 days to reinstate the other claims, and ordered Eminem to give a deposition in the case in the next 45 days.
The Schmitts claim that Eminem asked them to move from their home in St. Joseph, Mo., in 2001 to provide emotional support. In exchange, they claim, he would pay Betti Schmitt $100,000 a year for five years, buy them a house worth up to $350,000 and provide up to $25,000 worth of furniture.
The Schmitts moved into a new house titled in Eminem’s name in March 2003, with the belief that it would be transferred to them a year later and made more than $50,000 in upgrades while living there.
Instead, they were served with an eviction notice earlier this year. And Eminem, through his companies, paid Betti Schmitt a little more than $165,000 from 2002 to 2005.
Eminem’s attorney argued in court that no work was performed for the money, and there was no contract between the Schmitts and Eminem.
Chrzanowski previously issued a gag order that prohibits the attorneys in the case from commenting.
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