Proof ‘s beef with Detroit rapper Champtown

Detroit rapper Champtown is not exactly Proof’s best friend. He openly shows his disgust of D12’s gifted rapper on his personal website.
If you want to understand how it all got started, you gotta go back to the early 90’s, at a time Champtown was collaborating with Eminem.
White rapper Shortcut introduced Eminem to Champtown.
For those who don’t know yet, Eminem was featured in one of Champtown’s videos « Do-Da-Dippity » and actually did a song with Champtown, What Color Is Soul.
The friendship between both men ended, because Eminem thought Champtown wanted to have sex with Kim.
Eminem dissed the Detroit rapper in a song called « Fucking Backstabber » in collaboration with DJ Butterfingaz that was released in 1995.
We may ask the question: Champtown had a beef with Em, but why is he so mad at Proof? Matter of fact: rapper Champtown has released a whole Fuck Proof EP Vol.I (according to his website, Volume II will follow).
Champtown was featured in an article from The Source in February 2004, probably (sorry I don‘t read the one sighted Source magazine),the one that totally misinterpreted and misrepresented the truth about Eminem’s former tapes. In this article, Champtown stated that Eminem was a racist. Chaos’ Kid’s words were totally misquoted by journalist Kim Osorio.
Then Champtown got mad at D12, calling them slaves and « house niggas ». You guessed it, Benzino lacked originality and picked up Champtown’s expression in order to defend his position regarding Eminem and his fellows.
Champtown’s point of view is that Eminem lets D12 down and doesn’t sign them to Shady Records on purpose.
Champtown is quite mad at Paul Rosenberg too:
“I feel that Paul Rosenberg is prejudiced. I heard from inside the camp about how Blacks are being underpaid…I know who introduced [Rosenberg] to Eminem and he is no longer on the map. He was fired. He was the last Black survivor with any authority in the camp and he was fired recently.�
On his « Fuck Proof » EP Volume 1, Champtown made some allegations about Deshaun Holton aka Proof, Shady Records and Eminem’s manager.
The lyrics are quite funny and made on an Eminem and Obie Trice musical background, but Champtown’s voice sounds quite horrible.
I don’t think those songs should be taken seriously.
Champtown punches Proof verbally claiming: «  “Remember nigger, you swung the first punch … You a disgrace to the black race, you make us all look so bad out there, jumping around like a muthafuckin’ kangaroo … Hype man for the white man, that’s all you is muthafucka… ». In another verse he goes on, stating that Proof is « broke as shit »:
« What’s goin’ on? Em got money! … Proof so broke he can’t buy a muthafuckin’ taco from Taco Bell. »
I find those lines funny, but not credible. Since he started rapping, Proof’s discography is quite impressing. Not only did Deshaun collaborate with 5Ela, Dogmatic, he also released two amazingly good mixtapes, I Miss The Hip Hop Shop and Grown Man Shit.Besides his mainstream work with Eminem and D12, Proof has a lot of local Detroit underground collaborations at his active: Mu, J-Hill, Dogmatic, just to name a few.
His solo album, Searching For Jerry Garcia, is a masterpiece.
While it is true that Proof is sometimes in Eminem’s shadow and often ignored by the public as a brilliant lyricist and emcee, Proof is nevertheless a very valuable emcee. However, his decision not to get signed at Shady Records and to choose Iron First as his label was strategically made by Proof. Not that Em would refuse him (he is best friend, remember?) to get a deal with Shady Records, but Deshaun has something to prove to the public, that he can achieve something by his own means.
Champtown might be a veteran in Detroit, but very few people know about his existence out of Detroit.
Nearly each Eminem fan has heard about Proof. Champtown, your allegations about Deshaun are totally unjustified.

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  1. RIP Big Proof fuck champtown hes just a pissed off rapper that never made it i bet hes on welfare or disability i live in flint, MI i know how the lazy fucking dead beats that dont even try to hustle roll chatty ass mutha fucka

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