Sham/ Jake Tha Rippah album review

Rating: 3.75 stars
Massachusetts artist Sham is a man of many aliases. He is also known as Wood, Jake legno, Serkumfrinz Tha Rippa and Sham God.
Track 1, Jake Tha Rippa starts in a strange way. It is Jake’s introduction to the world.
In God Made A Strange World, Sham puts a real lyrical effort. Organ sounds start track Nr2.
Sham spits his venom and raises the question that many underground rappers do : « I got a job, but the job doesn’t pay me ». No matter if you’re an unsigned rapper or an unpublished author, many of us can relate to this: our dream job doesn’t bring us money. In the meantime, we are often forced to work on regular jobs…a very realistic track, that is lyrically well handled. Unfortunately, the vocals spoil the well written track a little bit, as far as I am concerned.
Throw Ya Onez Up is an invitation to some ovations from the crowd. A nice track with a chill out and smoke out atmosphere.
In One Time, Sham is determined to give you some pure hip hop joints to enjoy. Lyrically and instrumentally, the track is well handled. Some catchy beats will make you feel the rip- you-off atmosphere.
« Who » will make you feel a hip hop dedicated artist who flows with confidence and enjoyable lyrics. Xylophones add to a light and nearly surrealistic atmosphere.
I Found It is a touching ode to the music itself. Sham makes you feel his love and dedication for an art he is a 100% involved in. Sit back in your chair and enjoy the words that come out of the mouth of a rhyme soldier.
In his whole album, Sham will make you feel his passion and his dedication for rap music. He is offensive and has got attitude. His lyrical ability will probably amaze you all the way.
I Found It and One Time This Is Us featuring Mr Nash are definitely worth a look.
Jake The Rippah includes nice and interesting collaborations with Jimmy Gattz, Mr Nash and many more…
Sham’s rhyming ability is undeniable. A little improvement of the instrumental part would certainly make something exceptional of his art.
Globally, Sham did a good job on his album. Explore it: the lyrics are really great and Sham has the potential to make it big someday.
Listen to Sham and download his music here.