Mr Nash Against The grain/album review

Rating: Four stars
I received Mr Nash’s album « Against The Grain » in my mailbox today and I’m very eager to share this artist’s talent with you.
Mr Nash put a lot of talent and efforts in his « Against The Grain » album. The Massachusetts artist who works on his third solo project has a nice flow delivery combined with pure talent.
Next Big Thing, a rhythmic track, introduces you to Mr Nash as a ghetto soldier in the middle of life game fighting against fake emcees.
His second track Gone, raises some deep philosophical questions about human condition. The moving track will make you feel Mr Nash’s realness and huge talent at the same time. Mr Nash puts his heart and soul on this track.
Watching the video of Gone even increased my respect for his artistry. The scene takes place in a cemetery, Mr Nash raises the difficult question of what to do when you lose a beloved person. In his desperate quest, he asks God for directions in his life. Picture every day ghetto life, constant blood spills, drug deals and people struggling to make it and to be able to improve their families conditions of living. When Mr Nash talks about his mom, you perfectly know that he doesn’t belong to this category of people who fake their way of life…he keeps real in his words and actions.
Break gives a lighter after party note to Mr Nash’s track. Funky sounds and some catchy beats add to the party atmosphere.
Against the grain is an energetic track where you will be able to feel Mr Nash’s fight for recognition. A constant affirmation of his original style and a rich musical background (guitars, keyboard sounds, drums, violins) will make you fully enjoy this track.
In Success, Mr Nash will remind you that 99% of our success is made of sweat. Success never happens by accident. This is also a point of view I do share with the talented artist.
The same struggle for recognition goes on in Rags To Riches.
Track 7 is a touching ode to Mr Nash’s mom. Her husband left the house, leaving her alone with her kids. An invitation for his mom to stay strong and to live for her kids and herself and to value life.
Instrumentally, the track is amazingly beautiful, the depth of the feelings are represented through bass sounds.
Time Changes is all about betrayal. What will you do when your girl cheats on you with your best friend? You will have no other choice left that kicking her out of the house and break your ties with your so called « friend ».
A very realistic track about things that can happen in life.
Four Shotz will transport you into a 23 year old man’s fight who has so much to accomplish.
Mr Nash makes you enter into his world and discover his fight. Check out this artist: he is not your average emcee. Mr Nash comes up with a style that you will find nowhere else. He puts a lot of energy and emotions in his works. Instrumentally, he also did an amazing job. The album is musically rich and the beats are well handled.
I particularly recommend you Gone, Against the Grain, All Night and Break That.
Mr Nash deserves to reach the top. He believes in his art and puts a lot of work and energy into it. Mr Nash has nice lyrics, a good flow delivery and manages to marry beats and instruments in a subtle way. Explore Against The Grain, it is worth a look.
Listen to Mr Nash and download his music here.