Heat League/ A League Of Our Own album review

Heat League is a Massachusetts crew composed of four artists: Prolung, X-Cam, Thoro and Admiral.
Track 1 introduces the Heat League to the world. Be prepared for some fire. The crew is determined to take over with an offensive hood style.
The intro starts with a soft violin note that is soon covered by Heat League’s voices who sing their anthem. Keyboard background notes add to the tension of the battle emcees who spread their « hate music ». Be aware that the four emcees are ready to rip you off-lyrically, of course!
Bang, the third track starts like a symphony. Instrumentally rich (violins, guitars, harpsichord sounds, drums, catchy beats), ass whooping against its enemies, the crew introduces you into his fight for recognition. Their motto: « you gotta bang if you wanna do your thing. »
It symbolizes a fight that is familiar to many underground artists.
U Can Get It sounded a little bit monotonous to me. The positive side on the track are the well handled saxophone background sounds.
More offensive than ever, the crew is back on track 5, determined to knock out « dickriders ». Beef is beef and war is war. Heat League’s words are weapons.
R.E.S.P.E.C.T is a well handled and rhythmic track that fully enlightens the group’s talent.
I particularly recommend you well handled track like Bang, R.E.S.P.E.C.T and Street, a collaboration that includes Mr Nash
Several tracks like Time Of My Life and Like Oooo have disappointed me because of the artificial electronic female voice in the background. Unfortunately it sometimes seems to spoil the four emcees’ talent.
Globally, the album is enjoyable and instrumentally rich. I appreciated the crew’s determination to take over and its ass whooping mentality.
Check Heat League out here.