Henry Mountcharles, the Irish castle owner might hit Eminem with another lawsuit

It is sad to acknowledge that we seem to live in a world where money matters more than an individual’s health.
Eminem has cancelled his European Tour on August the 17th. No, it was not another of those superstar whims. Marshall did it for medical reasons. He was exhausted. Along with his physical (and maybe nervous) exhaustion, he had to handle his sleep medication dependency.
Marshall Mathers is currently treated for his addiction problem in a specialized hospital.
The news of the cancellation has hit many fans hard. However, Eminem’s loyal fans understood that Marshall didn’t act like that to piss us off and that he was actually sick. Of course, some arrogant pricks who thought that Eminem « owed » them a tour didn’t understand that he was facing some serious health problems. But that’s life I guess…
Since he has been hospitalized, it looks like the lawsuits won’t leave Eminem alone. His relatives Jack and Betty Schmitt are backstabbing him with a lawsuit. The victims of the car accident caused by the Anger Management bus driver are suing Eminem, despite the fact he was not in the bus when the collision between the tour bus and the truck driver happened.
Henry Mountcharles, the owner of the Irish Castle where Eminem was supposed to perform in Dublin , has decided to hit the talented rapper with a lawsuit.
Since he knew about the cancellation of the show, Henry Mountcharles was fuming.
Angry and bitter about the cancellation, he came up with such statements:
« I don’t think the Rolling Stones or U2 would cancel a section owing to nervous exhaustion »
First of all, Mr Mountcharles, it is useless to compare Eminem with the Rolling Stones or U2. Moreover, you don’t know how those performers would have acted if they had experienced similar health problems. You are just making assumptions out of anger.
June the 18th, 2003 also left some Linkin Park fans totally frustrated in Paris in front of Bercy, because they had cancelled their concert. One of the singers of the group had pneumonia. Things like show cancellations can happen. We don’t like them to happen, but we ought to realize that rappers and singers are human beings too. They can be sick like anybody of us.
Even if Eminem’s exhaustion was only nervous (which is not even the case), he had some good reasons to be nervously exhausted. Since Eminem had started his career, his personal and public life have been rather hectic. While seeing family members turning their backs against him, experiencing personal problems with ex wife Kim, Eminem had to face a lot of opponents like the activists from the GLAAD (Gays And Lesbians Alliance Against Defamation) and the government’s opposition against lyrics that were obviously misunderstood.
Eminem is one of those artists who had maybe more pressure to face than many others.
I can understand that the owner of the castle is quite bitter about the cancellation of the show:
« I’m very taken aback. I’m trying to be judicious with my words. I’m not very happy about what has happened. »
So much bitter that he doesn’t want to see Eminem again for a performance in his castle:
“I think he is a stunning artist but I don’t think he’ll get a slot in Slane again”
It is now rumored that he intends to sue Eminem over his financial loss.
Of course, Henry Mountcharles has lost a lot of money because Eminem cancelled the show, but frankly, I don’t think that this big loss of money will ever threaten this aristocrat’s financial security.
Because of the cancellation of the show, many of us have lost money. Some people had already bought their train tickets (I was lucky not to have bought it in advance) and prepared some expenses for the upcoming concerts.
Eminem himself has lost a lot of money in this affair…probably millions of dollars.
If Henry Mountcharles thinks that Eminem should have performed despite his growing exhaustion and his addiction problems to sleeping pills, does this man even realize that if Eminem had collapsed and died during the show, then he would have lost money for good!
Henry Mountcharles’ words sound really arrogant to me. Eminem did not cancel his tour on purpose, but he realized that he had to do it for medical reasons.
Eminem never cancelled any of his tours before, as far as I know and as I have already stated it in a former post, I even saw him performing live on a CD while suffering from pneumonia.
I am deeply convinced that Marshall Mathers took the right decision when he decided to get treated for his addiction problem.
So Mr Mountcharles wants to sue Eminem too while he’s at the hospital?
It is so easy to backstab somebody when he’s not in a good position.
Before considering Eminem as « a big pack of money », when will people start considering him as a human being?
Before being the superstar and the amazing artist he is, he is a man of flesh and blood with the same weaknesses as ours.

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  1. c nul, comme tu dis…il y a des gens pour qui il n’y a que l’argent qui compte, malheureusement…

  2. How will you ever understand Mr Mountcharles that it is not his fault-he needs rest-HIS HUMAN YOU KNOW and who gives a damn about U2 and Rolling Stones anyway-THEY GROUPS so of course 4 can preform if their are 5 or whatever-Just don’t sue him!You understand!


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