Libretto, an artist who gives a new meaning to the word “hip hop”

A tight artist
« I’m a hip hop head, striving to keep it real, keep it raw and keep it honest. I’ve tried the 9 to 5 and tried sports, but God keep sweeping me back to music. »

During the current Summer holidays, I discovered a rapper who really impressed me with his originality, his lyrics, his flow and his mad rhythm. His name? Libretto.
The rapper from Portland, Oregon, brings some original sounds into a very rhythmic music. Not only does he tells you the streets how they are, but the talented artist manages to handle flow and rhythm in an amazing way. The start of the track Volume featuring Lifesavas is certainly an invite to dance Libretto who combines words intelligently with a rapid flows manages to give his raps a gangsta flavor.
Libretto totally masters his musically rich art…not only does he combine words the right way, he also marries different musical genres. The attentive listener will also enjoy the reggae influence in Volume.
You gotta love Volume and Libretto’s enthusiastic inviting words : «Bang your fists on the wall like this, lunchroom table session ’86… »
While spitting and putting words together, Libretto gets dirty in no time, which makes his track enjoyable for hardcore rap lovers like me.
Libretto defines his role that way: « I’m just here to plant a seed and it’ll get watered. ». He is open minded towards “anyone who’ll listen, white, black, red or yellow.â€?
Son of a Black Panther, Libretto was raised in Watts, near Portland, Oregon. However, the Portland rapper has spent most of his time in LA, California. Ten years ago, when his dad was in bad health and confronted by financial difficulties, he moved to Portland again. There he met Vursatyl, Jumbo the Garbageman and Shynes, three underground rappers who formed the Lifesavas group. Together with the Lifesavas,
Libretto formed the Misfit Massive crew.
Libretto has learnt a lot from his engaged father, who helped to create the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, which registered black voters in the Southern States at a time the Klu Klux Klan was predominant there.
Libretto has integrated his ghetto experiences in his music.
Libretto has opened shows for NYC artist Talib Kweli. Signed to an indie label, Dim Mak Records, he had released « Volume/ Slumfunk 12’ »
In October 2004, Libretto came up with a bigger release, his album, Ill-Oet: The Last Element. His myspace account will give you a wonderful occasion to explore his sharp and original music.
Find out more about this amazing artist here.
Libretto is raw and real in his lyrics. He is definitely worth a look.

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  1. ayo, this rapper calls himself libretto.. How come? cuz of da italian meaning (a book)??? Libretto is ma family name and i also use it as my rap name yoooooo

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