Solystic is about to release his new solo LP: expect some hot music soon!

Zack Groulx aka Solystic is one of those young Detroit rapping talents who managed to impress me. Let me reveal you some secrets about his upcoming album that will be entitled « The Diary ».
« I’m Solystic » will be one of the single featured on Solystic’s new album.
Solystic’s introduction to the world starts in a very funny way. While combining sounds of piano and violin, Solystic gets explicit and hardcore in no time. What’s his game? Pimping, bitches and hoes…you probably guessed it. Hustling is part of the game when you’re from the D. Solystic spits with a rapid delivery flow which makes the track enjoyable.
However, you have to expect a different « I’m Solystic » track than the one you have heard on his official website on Solystic’s brand new album. The young and talented artist is determined to surprise his listeners: Solystic has chosen a different beat for his single, a single that will be produced by DJ Marqious.
The song will be written in 16 bars verses.
The second single of the album, that is not available on Solystic’s album, will be entitled « Can’t Stop Me ».
Like a diary, Solystic’s upcoming album will be a mixture of funny, sad, mad and hard songs. It will remind you of your every day life.
5 songs are expected to be produced by DJ Marqious, Lyle Wolf and Solystic will produce the remaining songs.
A third song, « Split Second », is about the quick changes that can occur in life and the advices Solystic received from Obie Trice and Nate Dogg. It might become Solystic’s third single.
Now you know quite everything needed about Solystic’s upcoming album…don’t forget to check it out when it comes out, because Solystic is incredibly gifted.