The European Anger Management Tour has been cancelled. What now, fellow fans?

When I woke up yesterday, August the 17th, my day started very well. I was in a very good mood. While having my breakfast, I was enjoying Proof’s Searching For Jerry Garcia. Everything seemed ok and nothing prepared me to have a bad day.
When I opened my mailbox, I was amazed at the numerous google alerts talking about the cancellation of the European Tour. As a freelance music journalist, I always verify my sources. I went to Eminem’s official site where the info was confirmed too.
On the official website of the Stade de France, they has also cancelled the show.
There was no way to escape from the sad reality: Eminem had cancelled his European Tour.
On the fan forums I visit on a regular basis, feelings of disappointment, sadness and anger where overwhelming people.
The day before, a French fan who had been to the Detroit show had posted about Eminem’s latest performance. He said that it was weak and that Em did not participate to the show the way he should have done it. I was really surprised, because having seen Marshall at the Paris Bercy show, he was so amazing. I had also seen him performing at many live shows on TV. I always felt his complicity with the public and the way he was performing was fantastic…and now this guy telling me that Marshall did a bad show…in Detroit. Doing a weak show in his hometown sounded so weird to my ears, considering how good the Detroit Eminem shows usually are. The American press seemed to confirm what this fan said.
He said that he had spent all the money for nothing. I argued that the weakness of the show might have been due to Eminem’s fatigue.
I was right about it. However, I never imagined that it was that serious.
After the news of the cancellation, some fans reacted really badly because the show wasn’t expected to be rescheduled. They said that Marshall despised his European fans. Some also wished that his illness to be very serious, « because he doesn’t give a fuck about us fans, he is all about the money ». O my God, angry fans, who on earth allows you to talk like that?
Some of you argue that Marshall « owes » you a tour and that he gets paid like a king for doing his numerous shows.
First, Marshall doesn’t owe you anything. If he cancels the tour, he has some serious medical reasons to do so. Marshall has always been very giving towards his public and if he can’t come, it is not his fault. So stop insulting him for cancelling his show.
Second, I agree. Yes, Marshall Mathers gets paid like a king. He also works like a slave to get paid so much. Do you realize that even kings can show signs of fatigue?
Being an artist is a tiresome job. Eminem never took a break since 1999 and I even saw him performing on one of my videos while suffering from pneumonia. Eminem is a workaholic who really loves his job.
Thanks to his amazing talent and to his numerous fans, Eminem has reached a superstar status. He is so much a superstar in many people’s mind that they don’t even consider him as a human being.
My first reaction when I saw the news of the cancellation of our tour was immense sadness and a feeling of frustration. But I never felt angry against Marshall. Why should I hate him for being in bad health condition? I’d rather pray for him to recover health!
Don’t be that selfish and wish him to be performing despite all. You don’t want Em to die out of exhaustion while performing on stage, do you?
Don’t be that heartless. Marshall Mathers is no robot. He has his weaknesses like all of you.
There will be no show in September 2005. That’s sad, frustrating, I agree. As the huge fan I am, I expected the show with impatience. However, after feelings of disappointment and sadness, I accept what I cannot change. Above all, I wish Eminem to recover health and to take good care of himself.
Before being the amazing artist he is, he is a daddy. Hailie needs him more than we do. Try to think about it before hating on him for nothing.

5 thoughts on “The European Anger Management Tour has been cancelled. What now, fellow fans?”

  1. Yea man ur right there’s no reason to be angry ,actualy we have to pray for Em .
    Don’t worry Hailie ur father’s gonna be ok.

  2. Yea that’s true…Marshall is hospitalized for sleep medication dependence…he is in a specialized institution, i do think that the doctors take good care of him. Yea, keep your head up, Hailie, your daddy’s gonna be allright:)

  3. I’m so disappointed and dont know what to think the thoughts of seeing eminem in concert got me through my exams,my friend and I even sold our oxegen tickets so we’d have the money to pay for our tickets

  4. I know what you mean…this concert was like my oasis in the desert too…but first of all Marshall must recover health…that’s the most important..

  5. Hey Eminem can’t always be perfect 24/7 and some people just don’t releaise his also human!So that is just messed up of what you said about him not doing that well at preforming!His tired and needs rest!Also people don’t be mad at him canceling his show-he has prformed at alot of shows-although I have not been to one because I ain’t got the money to travel and see his show!Although I wish I had seen one of his shows!His brilliant and so exciting to see him preform (his preformances I have seen on t.v) and he ain’t boring like the way Maroon 5 preform-they suck at it (well all pop concerts do-its so fucking cheesy and corny!)Anyway to all the ones that are mad at the cancelation-I hope you understand about his exhaustion of his heavy schedule and family probs!

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