Aunt and Uncle take rapper to Court

Superstar rapper Eminem has been hit with a lawsuit by his aunt and uncle in an unusual claim filed in Macomb County Court, a lawyer confirmed with
Jack and Betti Schmitt claim that they sold their Missouri home because the Detroit rapper wanted to maintain family ties. The lawsuit says that Eminem built the Schmitt’s a home and promised to pay them $100,000 per year.
The lawsuit further states that the rapper refuses to put the title in the Schmitt’s name and that he has fallen short on his promise to pay them the $100,000.
The couple is seeking at least $25,000, as the Macomb County Circuit Court handles all civil cases involving at least that amount.
They are represented by Kevin Green, an attorney in Shelby Township, Michigan. Green confirmed the lawsuit with, but declined further comment.
The rapper recently cancelled his European leg of the “Anger Management 3” tour due to exhaustion and other related medical issues.
Interscope confirmed the rapper was being treated for various medical ailments, but none were specifically named.
Representatives for Eminem did not have comments as of press time.

3 thoughts on “Aunt and Uncle take rapper to Court”

  1. Not another family sue!I admire and look up to him more and more everyday because of shit like this!I know you’ll get through this Em-because you always get through shit like this!Stay stong as alexa says and please just don’t fall to pieces!

  2. Hey. I love eminem, like most people. I admire how he speaks his mind and he dont care what others think. Em you will get though this, you always do. So, just stay strong!!

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