Eminem hospitalized for sleep medication dependency

Two days after Eminem abruptly canceled his European tour, citing exhaustion and unspecified “other medical issues,” his spokesperson revealed that the rapper has been hospitalized for a sleep-medication dependency.
According to a Reuters report, the 32-year-old MC’s label issued a statement confirming that he has been hospitalized and is receiving treatment.
“Marshall Mathers, a.k.a. Eminem, is in the hospital under doctors’ care,” Interscope Records said in the statement. “He’s being treated for dependency on sleep medication.” The label would not give any additional information about where he was being treated or how long he is expected to be hospitalized.
On Tuesday, Interscope announced that the 10-date European leg of the Anger Management 3 Tour — which was slated to run from a September 1 show in Hamburg, Germany, to the September 17 closer near Dublin, Ireland — had been called off (see “Eminem Cancels European Tour Due To Exhaustion”).
Those dates are not going to be rescheduled, though 50 Cent announced on Wednesday that he would continue with his own headlining shows in Europe with a different routing and the addition of Akon to the bill.

14 thoughts on “Eminem hospitalized for sleep medication dependency”

  1. I honestly do not think he has a pill issue! I just think he is tired and needs some much needed rest.
    Ordinary people do not see celebs as real people. So when he canceled his tour everyone gave him so much crap about it I feel he just said the pill thing to get them off his back.
    He looked really tired when I saw him in concert and looked like he was just ready to take a break!
    If I had his life I would be tired of it too!

  2. He has been hospitalized. It is a MATTER OF FACT. He had a problem with a pill called Ambien and he is treated in a specialized institution. Now believe whatever you want if you don’t believe me. I am not used to spread rumors.

  3. I’m sorry I wasn’t saying you were making it up or spreading rumors!
    I was just saying that I honestly believe he is just saying that himself to just get everyone off his back.
    I was not calling you a liar or saying you had wrong information.
    I just know first hand that sometime you have to say something like that to get people to leave you alone in life is all.
    Maybe he really does have an issue with it or maybe he doesn’t. The only one who really does know is Marshall himself.
    All Im saying is people gave him a lot of shit for the canceled concert and they should of just left him alone as he is human!

  4. I’m sorry, i totally misunderstood you…please accept my apologies…i agree on your point…i also insisted about Marshall Mathers being a human being…all i want is for him to recover health asap…one thing is sure he is overworked…

  5. Yes, he is overworked being thet hot must be a lot of work 😉
    I like your blog that you dedicate to him! Maybe one day he will see it if he hasn’t already!

  6. Booksie, that would be like the greatest gift for me if he got to read it:)
    Thanks a lot for your compliments:)

  7. I think you might have hit the nail on the head Brooksie. Superstars always have to have a “reason” for disappearing, a “reason” for why they need to take a “break”. Marshall has done a TON throughout his career and has never really taken a real “break” or been out of the public eye for too long. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was out there somewhere, hiding out with his loved ones; Hallie, Lanie & Nathan…..either way, I give him all the credit in the world for doing what he is doing for himself and for the people that he loves so dearly. Here’s to Marshall and the much needed break, thanks for all you do for all of us!! Hopefully we will see you again one day, but even if we don’t, even if you do decide that your family needs you more, that will be ok. Your real fans will miss you dearly, but we will understand because we know that you are first a human being and a father and that’s the way it should be. It is such a shame what fame can do to a person and to their dearest loved ones. Take care of yourself Marshall, do what you need to do to make everything all right for you and your family, your fans will be here for you no matter what. We love you!! Peace out Em!!

  8. Hailie (If you are his daughter?!)-fans are not always after your daddys’ money-because im cetainly ain’t!I respect him for who he is and his music-It ain’t like anyone elses certainly and some fans take his music like medication and understand it because some fans have been there!

  9. You know this news upsets me-but I understand that he is exhausted and he can’t sleep because of that heavy schedule of his!Just rest in hospital now-because heres your chance!Peace out!

  10. Hailie message (if its you)-don’t worry I understand that you may be sad and angry inside but I am just explaining that all Eminem fans ain’t after ur dads money!Peace out to you and you are a great daughter!Don’t worry!

  11. Haley, If that really was you, your father is an angel and he will recover soon. no body really wants your dads money I just think he is georgous. I have 2 daughters and I know how they feel about their daddy. So hope he gets better soon… tanya

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