Mu, another Detroit soldier

If you had the chance to listen to Mu’s mixtape « The Flood », I am pretty sure his talent didn’t leave you indifferent.
True to Detroit, always speaking his mind, ready to spit fire and to shoot at his enemies, Mu’s rapping skills are amazing.
No wonder Mu is so good at doing his thing, he started rapping when he was only 8
Mu and his brother Omar were members of a group, SOA. They used to perform together at the Detroit talent show. The group split when Mu was 17 and he focused on a solo career.
Mu soon gained lots of respect on the local scene. People called used to call him « Lush Legend ». Mu has opened shows for artists such as De La Soul, Redman & Method Man. He has also toured with his fellow D12 artists.
Mu’s dedication to Detroit is obvious:
“I love it here. I just love being here. It’s raw and real, like me. I love the hustle here.”
For a Detroit scene lover like me, Mu’s words totally make sense to me. Mu’s musical style is real, ass-whooping, fire-spitting, raw. His raps are the kind of raps I really dig.
Never afraid to speak his mind, Mu comes up with an offensive and incisive Detroit style.
The man with the headphones who raps on Eminem’s Toy soldiers video is actually Mu. The convincing Detroit rapper has also collaborated with Proof on the track « Broken » from his « I Miss The Hip Hop Shop » mixtape. Thanks to the same track, he won a Detroit Award for his performance.
Mu has been featured on several hip hop magazines like The Source, XXL, Vinyl Analysis.
The gifted rapper is currently working on his debut album. This album will feature many interesting collaborations like Dina Rae, DJ Muggs, Young Zee and Detroit DJ House Shoes.
Mu is known as a Detroit Rap Battle Champion, as the excellent lyricist he actually is.
His greatest accomplishment? Let’s bet that our Detroit soldier is a perfectionist who is used to challenging himself:
« Greatest accomplishment? I’m proud of the love I get from people, and of the songs I’ve created and worked on; but I am still trying to get to the point of my greatest accomplishment, and the future looks very promising. »
More info about Mu can be found here.