The story behind my latest diss

I have registered to an interesting Eminem forum recently that is very informative. Although I have always shown respect to each member, even when they happened to strongly disagree with me, a silly teenage boy started some beef with me because I had argued about the right spelling of Paul Rosenberg on a topic. He started calling me “a teenage homo Stan groupie” (how funny and how original) and pointed out that I had nothing to do on an Eminem forum as a freelance writer.
Because he’s been a real bitch to me, I have decided to make this diss public. Have some fun!
Ayo, ready to be killed, bitch? Your attitude you’d better switch before it’s too late
Marshallengraved will be digging your grave, I bet you ain’t brave! I’ll spread my sound like an electromagnetic wave, man you should question the way you behave…
I’ll come to you like a storm to make you regret the day you bitch was born
Ok, I am an Eminem fan, so what? I say it loud of Marshall I am proud! you look like a fan of Korn
Come one, gimme some pop corn and start to mourn
Cuz I’m a villain my crowd I wanna entertain (haha) while I’m smashing your brain
You deserve more than a smack for your intelligence lack, acting as if a lady had a dick when yourself are a pussy,
I’ma break your fucking neck, man I don’t need your respect I am who I am whatever you say I am
I don’t need to be published in a magazine to know I am doing good work man you’re a jerk!
Yea I got my ezine and I’m fucking proud of it ; indeed many people like what they read.
So go back to your weed, before I stab you in the head until you will be dead.
Fucking sissy! Or should I call you missy?
Little fool, go back to school. You despise grammar?My sentences will be your hammer!
Man I even bet you can’t rap, my words will make you fall into a huge trap…
That’s what separates you and me: a huge gap, take my advice : stop your childish crap.
This is a suspense thriller and I am your killa
On your tombstone, one will read ” rest in pieces and rot in hell “, so now you demon can start to

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