Fans and non fans: be prepared for the return of Slim Shady

Fans and non fans: be prepared for Slim Shady’s return.
Will the autumn see the return of Slim Shady, more offensive than ever? Many Eminem fans hope so. Now that its has been rumored that Eminem’s album is nearly finished (, we might expect its release around October/ November 2004.
If some tracks wouldn’t have been stolen and put on bid on ebay, Marshall would probably have finished his album earlier. Among those songs ‘ Bully ‘ that is aimed at Benzino and at Ja Rule’s crew, his wonderful love ballad for Kim ‘ Love You More ‘ that needs to be read under the lines to get the deep feelings that are expressed through the whole song, ‘ We As Americans ‘.
Of course, it is always a great pleasure for us fans to download exclusive Eminem songs, but I do realize how much inconvienence it caused to Eminem, who had to work even longer and harder on the impatiently awaited album:
“I was about six to eight songs deep. Now I’m about three to four. It’s so painful to have them things go; it’s all a work in progress. Choruses can be changed, lines can be changed, there are certain lines on the shit that I feel like I can hit better. Those [leaked songs] were a day in the studio, making a song, and you go home at night with it and that’s what you live with until you’re ready to mix it down. The mix from the rough version is like night and day.” (Eminem)
No doubt 50 Cent is telling the truth when he says about the upcoming album:
“Nothing is safe when that time comes around. Em is dropping a bomb.”
We also learn from 50 Cent that Eminem has ‘ gone another direction ‘, which means that we should better expect something very much different from ‘ The Eminem Show ‘
Dr Dre promises us a still crazy and offensive Slim Shady, to our greatest delight:
“I really like Slim Shady. I like him talking shit and pissing people off. That’s where he’s gonna go next, talking shit and raising eyebrows.”
Eminem fans don’t doubt it, but Paul Rosenberg confirms it: we won’t be disappointed by Marshall Mathers:
“Eminem fans will not be disappointed. He’s gonna have a lot of responses to everything that’s going on. No stones will be left unturned.”
Three different titles have also been rumored for the upcoming album: ‘ To Be Determined ‘, ‘ The Return Of Slim Shady ‘ and ‘ The Return Of The Slim Shady Show’.
Hopefully the real Slim Shady will confirm his choice for the title of his album soon.
It has been confirmed that the album will feature guest appearances of D12 and G Unit. Dr Dre will produce Eminem’s fourth album.
I am pretty sure the album will be incisive, as usual. People who think Eminem has lost his edge usually don’t get that Eminem is still offensive. Only his targets change.
Trust Eminem: the album promises to be shady. A lyrical bomb will be dropped in hip hop’s world in a few months.

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  1. i just want to say that eminem is tha best rapper there ever was his lyrics can move sumone that is down and in a mad rage i love his tunez every single one of them got all the cd’s and all the remixies there ever was and all the underground shit i just wanted to say that i hope he comes back soon before sum other rapper takes his place in the rap game iight gone peace out eminem fans and eminem

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