Scary teenage fans

When I became a fan of Eminem, three years ago, I never thought I could get some hate from other fans. I didn’t realize at this time how many scary teenage female fans Marshall Mathers actually has.
When I opened my mailbox yesterday, I got a message entitled ‘ go eat your mama ‘. I first thought that it came from some Eminem hater, as it often happened to me. My first intention was to immediately delete this mail, but I had the curiosity to read the message. I must say that a little girl named Colleen gave me a real good laugh. The message was written in those terms:
‘ Shitface. Eminem is mine. You soon gonna read in the news that Colleen has married Eminem. Go eat your mama. ‘
Ok, Colleen, dream on. Good luck.
Can you believe that such psychos take themselves seriously? I was first amused, but it also made me feel uncomfortable. Not for me, but for Eminem.
I realized how many fans who talk and act like Colleen can make Marshall’s life a real nightmare. I wish such people could stop being that mad.
Don’t misinterpret my words: it is not against teenage Eminem fans. I am in touch with many teenage fans that I do respect a lot. But I despise the scary ones who think that Eminem is their property and that they are going to ‘ marry ‘ him.
To those little girls who went by accident through my website, let me remind you this: I am a freelance music journalist whose passion is to discuss Eminem’s music and if you don’t like it, at least stop making total fools of yourselves.
And by the way, what about getting a life?