King Gordy’s video “Nightmares”

Among the music videos I have watched recently, King Gordy’s ‘ Nightmares ‘ has impressed me. Of course, the Detroit rapper’s video is not aimed at an oversensitive audience, because it might shock some people.
King Gordy impersonates the master of the darkness. In other words, the devil.
Watching King Gordy’s new video is like reading an Edgar Allan Poe tale: be prepared for a succession of horror.
King Gordy takes you for a ride into what he calls his ‘ neighborhood of nightmares. ‘
As he drives in his car with his evil and devilish disguise, you can feel the dark athmosphere of the streets of Detroit’the city of crime and violence.
King Gordy invites you into the ‘ House Of Fun ‘, which should rather be called a hellhole. A hellhole where horrible monster dolls will welcome you.
‘ The House Of Fun ‘ also symbolizes King Gordy’s ill mind.
King Gordy is the master of his dolls. He also controls his human prisoners who yell ‘ Gordy, Gordy ‘ and whorship him. Among these dark worshippers, you will find Obie Trice, Swifty, Bizarre, Salam Wreck who are condemned to stay in their prison full of nighmares.
You can watch King Gordy’s video on yahoo launch. Be that courageous and explore the Entity’s dark world.