Kobe victim intented to seduce Eminem

August 11, 2004 — A former college pal of Kobe Bryant’s accuser is defending the NBA star on the Internet, where she’s posted sordid allegations about his alleged victim’s past, including what she claims was a plot to have sex with the rapper Eminem:
In a phone interview with The Post, Laie Weatherwax, who has been informed she’ll be called to testify for the defense at Bryant’s trial, said yesterday: “I am doing this because it is right.”
The self-described former wild child, who partied with the accuser for eight months while the two attended the University of Northern Colorado nearly two years ago, said, “There is no motive here [for me]. I think that it is the right thing to do.”
The alleged victim’s attorneys have accused the defense of wrongly portraying her as a wildly promiscuous woman.
The accuser’s attorney, Lin Wood, said last week on MSNBC: “This girl is not a monster or a slut that she’s made out to be by the defense in the case. She’s a fairly typical teen and she made a mistake [by going to Bryant’s room on the night of the alleged rape].”
Citing a gag order, Wood declined to comment on Weatherwax’s allegations.
But a source close to the accuser said, “This young girl [Weatherwax] has an agenda to use the victim to advance a desire for 15 minutes of fame with her false accusations.”
Weatherwax, however, has plenty to say, much of which can be seen on the Web site Fratpack.com.
She says her former friend had once dreamed of luring rap artist Eminem into sex while he visited Vail, Colo.
“He was a big celebrity to us,” Weatherwax said of the rapper. “We had his CDs, knew his songs by heart, talked about how his wife did not deserve him and about nailing [having sex with] him.
“In December of 2002, the accuser discovered Eminem was to be in Vail over New Year’s. She wanted me to drive her up there. I said no. To me it seemed out of whack to drive six hours to get with a guy who has women falling all over him. But she really wanted to go.
“She called a friend at his hotel, found out what room he was in and where he’d sing. There was a plan to seduce him to his room, the pool or hot tub; to be in position to score one.”
She said the accuser never went ahead with the plan. Weatherwax revealed more allegations about the accuser, including:
* She slept with dozens of men during her time in Colorado.
* She slept with different men over a short period of time.
* She partied like a star and collected lovers like a wild frat boy.
Weatherwax has testified behind closed doors during one of several rape-shield hearings connected to the case after defense-team investigators located her.
She told The Post she knew very little about the case ‘ or its connection to her former college pal ‘ until investigators showed up several months ago. Court rulings have limited the scope of testimony on the accuser’s sexual history.