Boy George thinks that Eminem is gay, but he is totally wrong

It is sometimes funny to see how gay artists make some assumptions when they come to talk about Eminem. Most of their assertions are based on Eminem’s false gay-bashing reputation.
Moby pushed things that far to say that Eminem was attracted to him:
‘ I’ve figured it out. He has a crush on me. And at some point he found out that I was straight and he’s so upset and hurt the fact that he has this unrequited crush on me, that’s why he’s so upset. I’m just waiting for Eminem to come out of the closet. ‘
Get over it, Moby: Eminem openly stated his aversion for you as a person and as an artist.
In 2002, Boy George – who is also gay- attended the Music Of Black Origins Awards in London with a T shirt containing the inscription ‘ Eminem screws gays ‘. His action was supposed to be a protest against Eminem’s (misunderstood) lyrics.
As long as people will take Eminem’s lyrics litterally, there will some confusion about the actual meaning of the word ‘ faggot ‘ in his songs. Boy George should have listened to Eminem’s interviews, which would have helped him to figure out he is not gay bashing at all:
‘ I’m not gay bashing. People just don’t understand where I come from. “Faggot” to me doesn’t necessarily mean gay people. “Faggot” to me just means… taking away your manhood. You’re a sissy. You’re a coward. Just like you might sit around in your living room and say, “Dude, stop, you’re being a fag, dude. ‘ (Eminem)
Of course, Eminem’s lyrics are complex, full of sarcasm and his listeners need to be weaponed with a solid sense of dark humor. They also need to understand the context of the Detroit ghetto:
‘ I come from Detroit where it’s rough and I’m not a smooth talker. I am who I am and I say what I think. I’m not putting a face on for the record. When I started saying “faggot” on record, I started getting people going, “You have something against gay people,” and I thought it was funny. Because I don’t; I really don’t. I have something against assholes, but I’m not into gay bashing. A lot of people are too stupid to understand it. ‘ (Eminem)
Because he thinks he is a ‘ closet fag ‘, Boy George makes rapid conclusions about Eminem’s sexuality:
“I think it’s time that pretty-boy Eminem stopped rattling on about gay issues because it’s a subject he has no experience of — or is there something he’s not telling us?”
Further on, he declares:
He’s very pretty. Maybe that’s why he’s so paranoid. Any man that’s kind of attractive is going to be paranoid about his sexuality. ‘
‘ Pretty ‘ is a term that doesn ‘t sound very masculine and he probably used it on purpose.
But what should we think about the fantasms Boy George revealed in a former interview:
‘ You know what? I am coming over and fuck Eminem to sort him out. He probably has a small dick. I’d like to fuck him anyway. Tie him up. Fuck him and hear him moan: “Fag, do it again/Fag, do it again/Yo, Eminem.” I am going to use that line. You will hear it soon. ‘
Boy George seems to be oversensitive when he comes to talk about Eminem. He probably takes his lyrics as a personal attack.
If he had taken time to go deeper into those lyrics, he’d probably figured out that it was total sarcasm.
Boy George thinks that Marshall Mathers is gay. Matter of fact: Marshall has only been seen dating women. With the numerous papparazzi that are constantly tracking him, the public would have known if he was gay.
Don’t misinterpret the intentions of my article: I am not trying to be gay bashing nor to demean Boy George. I respect him as an artist, but, frankly I think that he totally lacks humor.
I would like to add that I have nothing against gay people. To me, they are normal people with a different sexual orientation.
But I just wish some gay artists would be less sensitive about Eminem. I wish they’d make the effort to understand Eminem’s parody of a rotten society and also to realize that he is not the first nor the last rapper to use ‘ faggot ‘ in his lyrics.
I am deeply convinced that Boy George is totally wrong when he states that Eminem is gay. But even if he was, it wouldn’t alter my deep respect and admiration for him in any case.

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  1. Rubbish methinks. Songs like ‘Criminal’ are clearly anti-gay…it’s not just the use of the word “faggot”, despite what he claims his interpretation to be. The lyrics of that song are completely riddled and, no matter how it’s intended, it’s stupid, ignorant and offensive.

    1. The lyrics of this song are witty…people need to get Eminem’s sense of humor better….Criminal is just a clever response to the accusations of homophobia he’s been dealing with…

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