Rumors are not always the mirror of reality

Sometimes rumors spread faster than true facts on the internet and in the newspapers, particularly when the so called information has to do with a personality such as Eminem.
From 2000 till now, lots of fake rumors concerning Marshall Mathers have circulated on the tabloids and on different websites. In fact, the reader has to be very cautious in selecting the info and to follow, most of the time, the well known motto ‘Don’t believe everything you read’.
First of all, the reader will have to test the reliability of his source of information: the info has more chances to be true if you read it in the Detroit Free Press than in the British Mirror of in the Star Magazine.
Second, he will have to verify the info through search engines such as google.
Third, he will have to test the motivation of the person who will says something about Eminem. What is this person trying to suggest? Is he or she trying to get some attention? Or does this person want to retaliate in some way?
To find out about the truth, the reader will have to be investigative as possible. Here are a few examples of some scary, amazing and fake news about Eminem:
In December, some people had spread rumors of Eminem’s death in a car crash, making us believe the info came from CNN. The rumor had been posted on a website. It is scary because they had even posted some photos of the car crash. Thanks to, the content of this former article can still be read. Have a look:
Fortunately, Eminem’s family had demented those rumors very fast, reassuring lots of fans at the same time. Quoting Debbie Mathers:’ There’s been some really sick, sick horrible stuff being put out there on the Internet.”
Another website had demented the fake story for the reader to understand that it was a hoax:
When Eminem had released the ‘Without Me’ video, other real scary scenariis spread in the British and American press and on the internet, even in the serious Detroit Free Press:
I remember having read that Al Quaeda had sent death threats to Eminem in June 2002:
But those rumors were demented very fast by the Detroit Free Press after Dennis Dennehy, Eminem’s publicist, had denied them. He described them as completely ‘untrue and dangerous’:
Among many fake rumors, it has also been said that Eminem was dating Kim Basinger, fact that was demented by Eminem himself.
So many fake rumors about Marshall Mathers have made the headlines. It is also up to the reader to make a difference between true facts and fake rumors. Everything that is stated in the press is not necessarely true.

Derty Harry is a dope emcee

I came home today with Proof’s brand new tape ‘I Miss The Hip Hop Shop’. When I bought the album, I had already listened to some songs like ‘Yzarc’ and ‘Derty Harry’.
If you’re fond of Detroit sounds, no doubt you gonna like this album. It is musically very rich and includes many collaborations with artists from the local Detroit scene like Proof’s friend rapper Mu, Jay Dee and many others.
The album is offensive and sends warnings to Eminem and Proof’s long time enemy rapper Esham, and also to all the people who don’t like Proof.
Proof’s skills, his so particular voice, his great sense of rhythm and the use of the intruments will reveal MC Big Proof’s incredible talent.
Proof will make you travel through the dangerous 313. Big Proof will bring you into his gangsta world and you will fully enjoy this journey through real good underground rap.
You will certainly enjoy the sarcastical ‘Runnin’ Yo Mouth’.
You will recognize his offensiveness. From all his D12 fellows, Proof is well known for liking beef. He is ready to knock you out lyrically in no time. Derty Harry is not afraid of anybody and he will make you feel that he ‘doesn’t care about your name’ in his song Yzarc which also targets ‘The Source’ magazine, the American government (Hillary Clinton and President Bush are mentioned. You will appreciate the craziness of the Yzarc song: Proof is ready to smack any enemy and the lyrics are violent on purpose.
‘Know Ya Name’ is all about hoes. It is a well written track. ‘Play With Myself’ may offend a lot of ladies, because Proof seems to enjoy more ‘playing with himself’ than being with a lady. ‘You Know How’that is by the way produced by Kon Artis will bring you back to the ‘Stunt 101’ sound.
You will like Proof’s rhymes, his realness during the whole album. Proof is not afraid of his enemies. You will enjoy his thug style.
‘Ja In a Bra’ will make you laugh. Proof makes fun of makes Ja Rule look like a real wanksta. Proof will make you feel how fake Ja Rule is.
His crew from D12 and Obie are ready to back him.
‘This CD isn’t about sales, it’s more about my personal relation with hip hop’, says Proof.
Proof misses the time of the hip hop battles that took place and he makes you feel his nostalgy during the whole album. ‘I Miss The Hip Hop Shop’ is a well written album that enlightens Proofs huge talent. I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to discover more about Derty Harry’s individual talent as a D12 member.

Detroit rapper Phat Cat aka Ronnie Cash

Detroit Phat Cat is representative of the Detroit underground raw sound.
Detroit Phat aka Ronnie Cash has grown up on the East Side of Detroit. His major musical influences are Whodini, Run D.M.C., Rakim, Fat Boys, Big Daddy Kane, & KRS-One.
In the early 90’s, Phat has collaborated with with Detroit rapper Jay Dee to form the duo 1st Down. Phat has collaborated with Detroit group Slum Village. He has also been touring with them.
Phat Cat is a pretty hot emcee.
You will be able to appreciate his live performances on the video part of his official website:
In ‘ Dedication To The Suckers ‘, he addresses to all the fake emcees with the same sound and the same annoying lyrics. If you get to watch the video, you will like his sense of humor.
In 2003, Phat has been working on his CD ‘The Undeniable LP’. His recent record features Mc Breed, Obie Trice and Slum Village.
Phat Cash will introduce you into the gangsta world of the 313. Check out his music. It is worth having a look!

Does Slim Shady haunt D12?

Does Slim Shady haunt D12 ?
To me, the answer is clearly yes. Why? Because you could hardly dissociate Eminem from his fellows. They grew up in the same hood, used to rap together, shared their pains and successes.
But Eminem is also the main handicap for the other D12 emcees in their fight for recognition. The more Eminem shines, the more they remain in the shadow of Slim Shady.
Even touring without Eminem seems to have solved the problem only partially. In fact, a D12 song interpreted without Eminem probably makes the crowd feel like something’s missing, even if Marshall’s gifted fellows are doing their best to entertain them.
The D12 rappers are gifted. Matter of fact: they do have skills.
Maybe the problem also lies somewhere else. It would be useful for people to know much more about D12’s former and current solo work.
If people took time to listen to albums like ‘Promatic’ which is Proof’s collaboration with Detroit rapper Dogmatic, there would be no doubt in their mind that Proof is a dope MC. They would certainly also enjoy Swifty’s Raw Collection collaboration ‘Grenade Pins’.
Touring without Eminem is certainly the first step for people to discover more about D12’s individual talents. The second step could be more promotion of the rappers’ individual work: you won’t certainly be indifferent to Bizarre’s ill rhymes, to Swifty the lyrical bomber. Proof the freestyler will amaze you. Kon artis’ beats and Kuniva’s rhymes will introduce you into D12’s World.
Give D12 a chance to show your their individual talents: they deserve it.
I have read on some forums that people didn’t want to go to the D12 concert, because Eminem wasn’t touring with them. To the people who still hesitate to go to the show, I would like to say that you won’t be disappointed with such talented emcees, no matter if Slim is present or to to the show. As far as I am concerned, I have decided to give the D12 emcees their chance in September at Paris Montmartre.

Is Kim Mathers gonna make it?

Is Kim gonna make it ?
It seems like Kim Mathers has been in trouble since a long time. She’s been arrested for cocaine charges while Eminem was touring in Europe last year.
Since June 2003 till now, Eminem’s ex wife has made the headlines. The tabloids haven’t stopped talking about her.
Kim’s cocaine addiction problems seem go back to 2001. In 2001, Kim had also had problems with justice for the same reasons.
From June 2003 to June 2004, Kim has tried to run away several times from justice, causing her family members a lot of trouble. It seems like Kim can’t get rid of her addiction problems.
But there might be more difficulties hidden behind Kim’s behavior. While trying to run away from justice, we may ask : what else was Kim Mathers trying to escape from ?
It is more than obvious that she was trying to send some SOS calls all around people from her entourage, and aimed at Eminem, in particular. Maybe there is also a little bit of manipulation in her behavior. Like many alcoholics, drug addicts also try to attract people’s attention. They obviously want people to pity them.
Kim’s behavior is also the expression of her unhappiness and unsatisfaction. If it wasn’t the case, she wouldn’t have risked to lose Hailie’s custody.
Something is going wrong in her life. Some people would argue : she’s rich, she’s got everything to be happy, she’s got two beautiful little girls etc’
To those people, I would like to say : you don’t know details about her every day life. And maybe sometimes Eminem’s fame is something really hard to carry for her.
On June the 15th 2004, Kim has been arrested at an hotel in Ann Arbor, Michigan. On June the 30th, she’s been sentenced to one year of jail, but she will have to serve only 140 days in jail ans she will have to complete a drug treatment afterwards. If she fails, she risks one more year of jail.
I have seen people on an anti Kim website expressing happy comments about Kim being jailed. Can’t you selfish people see the problem from Hailie’s point of view ? A little girl doesn’t understand what happens to her mom and why she can’t see her.
Don’t accuse my article of being ‘ pro ‘ or ‘ anti ‘ Kim. I am not ‘ pro ‘ nor ‘ anti ‘ Kim either. I am just an investigative journalist (who happens to be a huge Eminem fan) and who is trying to keep as objective as possible about Kim. To those people from the anti Kim board who are happy about Kim’s issues, I find your attitude more than despicable. You don’t know this woman. And to your info, she still got a lot of importance in Marshall’s eyes, so in your place, I would respect that.
Besides her drug addiction, Kim Mathers is experiencing serious personal problems. She will need some medical help and to show some good will if she wants to overcome her bad times. Let’s wish her good luck for the future.