Derty Harry is a dope emcee

I came home today with Proof’s brand new tape ‘I Miss The Hip Hop Shop’. When I bought the album, I had already listened to some songs like ‘Yzarc’ and ‘Derty Harry’.
If you’re fond of Detroit sounds, no doubt you gonna like this album. It is musically very rich and includes many collaborations with artists from the local Detroit scene like Proof’s friend rapper Mu, Jay Dee and many others.
The album is offensive and sends warnings to Eminem and Proof’s long time enemy rapper Esham, and also to all the people who don’t like Proof.
Proof’s skills, his so particular voice, his great sense of rhythm and the use of the intruments will reveal MC Big Proof’s incredible talent.
Proof will make you travel through the dangerous 313. Big Proof will bring you into his gangsta world and you will fully enjoy this journey through real good underground rap.
You will certainly enjoy the sarcastical ‘Runnin’ Yo Mouth’.
You will recognize his offensiveness. From all his D12 fellows, Proof is well known for liking beef. He is ready to knock you out lyrically in no time. Derty Harry is not afraid of anybody and he will make you feel that he ‘doesn’t care about your name’ in his song Yzarc which also targets ‘The Source’ magazine, the American government (Hillary Clinton and President Bush are mentioned. You will appreciate the craziness of the Yzarc song: Proof is ready to smack any enemy and the lyrics are violent on purpose.
‘Know Ya Name’ is all about hoes. It is a well written track. ‘Play With Myself’ may offend a lot of ladies, because Proof seems to enjoy more ‘playing with himself’ than being with a lady. ‘You Know How’that is by the way produced by Kon Artis will bring you back to the ‘Stunt 101’ sound.
You will like Proof’s rhymes, his realness during the whole album. Proof is not afraid of his enemies. You will enjoy his thug style.
‘Ja In a Bra’ will make you laugh. Proof makes fun of makes Ja Rule look like a real wanksta. Proof will make you feel how fake Ja Rule is.
His crew from D12 and Obie are ready to back him.
‘This CD isn’t about sales, it’s more about my personal relation with hip hop’, says Proof.
Proof misses the time of the hip hop battles that took place and he makes you feel his nostalgy during the whole album. ‘I Miss The Hip Hop Shop’ is a well written album that enlightens Proofs huge talent. I’d recommend it to anybody who wants to discover more about Derty Harry’s individual talent as a D12 member.

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