Rumors are not always the mirror of reality

Sometimes rumors spread faster than true facts on the internet and in the newspapers, particularly when the so called information has to do with a personality such as Eminem.
From 2000 till now, lots of fake rumors concerning Marshall Mathers have circulated on the tabloids and on different websites. In fact, the reader has to be very cautious in selecting the info and to follow, most of the time, the well known motto ‘Don’t believe everything you read’.
First of all, the reader will have to test the reliability of his source of information: the info has more chances to be true if you read it in the Detroit Free Press than in the British Mirror of in the Star Magazine.
Second, he will have to verify the info through search engines such as google.
Third, he will have to test the motivation of the person who will says something about Eminem. What is this person trying to suggest? Is he or she trying to get some attention? Or does this person want to retaliate in some way?
To find out about the truth, the reader will have to be investigative as possible. Here are a few examples of some scary, amazing and fake news about Eminem:
In December, some people had spread rumors of Eminem’s death in a car crash, making us believe the info came from CNN. The rumor had been posted on a website. It is scary because they had even posted some photos of the car crash. Thanks to, the content of this former article can still be read. Have a look:
Fortunately, Eminem’s family had demented those rumors very fast, reassuring lots of fans at the same time. Quoting Debbie Mathers:’ There’s been some really sick, sick horrible stuff being put out there on the Internet.”
Another website had demented the fake story for the reader to understand that it was a hoax:
When Eminem had released the ‘Without Me’ video, other real scary scenariis spread in the British and American press and on the internet, even in the serious Detroit Free Press:
I remember having read that Al Quaeda had sent death threats to Eminem in June 2002:
But those rumors were demented very fast by the Detroit Free Press after Dennis Dennehy, Eminem’s publicist, had denied them. He described them as completely ‘untrue and dangerous’:
Among many fake rumors, it has also been said that Eminem was dating Kim Basinger, fact that was demented by Eminem himself.
So many fake rumors about Marshall Mathers have made the headlines. It is also up to the reader to make a difference between true facts and fake rumors. Everything that is stated in the press is not necessarely true.