Detroit rapper Phat Cat aka Ronnie Cash

Detroit Phat Cat is representative of the Detroit underground raw sound.
Detroit Phat aka Ronnie Cash has grown up on the East Side of Detroit. His major musical influences are Whodini, Run D.M.C., Rakim, Fat Boys, Big Daddy Kane, & KRS-One.
In the early 90’s, Phat has collaborated with with Detroit rapper Jay Dee to form the duo 1st Down. Phat has collaborated with Detroit group Slum Village. He has also been touring with them.
Phat Cat is a pretty hot emcee.
You will be able to appreciate his live performances on the video part of his official website:
In ‘ Dedication To The Suckers ‘, he addresses to all the fake emcees with the same sound and the same annoying lyrics. If you get to watch the video, you will like his sense of humor.
In 2003, Phat has been working on his CD ‘The Undeniable LP’. His recent record features Mc Breed, Obie Trice and Slum Village.
Phat Cash will introduce you into the gangsta world of the 313. Check out his music. It is worth having a look!