Kim’s rehabilitation programme

Kim’s rehabilitation programm
To all the people who still take the song ‘Kim’ literally, let me tell you this: Eminem’s ex wife Kim is very lucky to have Marshall to take care of her and her kids.
After serving a 30 days sentence for her cocaine charges, Kim is now in Memphis. She precisely spends some time at the Sacred Heart Rehabilitaion Center in Tennessee. Her reahabilitation programm costs Eminem the huge amount of $50,000:!opendocument
People who know Eminem will know that he doesn’t pay out of obligation, but out of love for his family. Hailie has been through hard times since her mom has been incarcerated and she certainly misses her a lot.
Eminem feels concerned by Kim’s well being.
Appearently, Kim was facing a lot of problems in jail. A spokeswoman from the jail she had been incarcerated in said:
‘Kim was having problems in jail, but she did serve her entire 30 days.”
If we believe Todd Nelson’s statements, her detention conditions weren’t that good:
“She’s relieved to be out of prison and out of that jumpsuit. Now she can wear her own clothes, have a private room and get better food.’
It is also known that Kim has ‘country club’ priviledges at the center. Eminem and Hailie are expected to visit her soon.
No matter what he’s been through because of Kim, Eminem’s forgiveness is wonderful. Hopefully Kim will realize how much Marshall is devoted to her and her children and stop taking drugs for her family’s