Has Eminem seen the light?

Before the Eminem Show was released, it was rumored that it would have a gospel style. Some music journalists have spread the news all around on music channels. But those journalists didn’t seem to know the D12 crew very well. The D12 like cracking jokes and those statements about Eminem were obviously big jokes :
‘ He’s “seen the light,” , and it’s going to reflect in his music. Eminem is trading in his hardcore hip-hop MO and going the gospel rap route on his new LP, “The Eminem Show.”
Proof also added sarcastically :
“Em is about to open a church, and we’re gonna be his deacons'”
Even if the D12 were joking, it is true that ‘ The Eminem Show ‘ is different from the former Eminem albums. It shows more maturity in Eminem’s work and it talks about serious subject matters.
The Eminem Show pictures a man who has learnt from his former mistakes, a man who has given up drugs and who wants to expose his deep love for his daughter.
He also admits his weaknesses publicly when he says ‘ My insecurities could eat me alive ‘ in ‘ Hailie’s Song ‘.
The Eminem Show is also an open letter to Debbie for her to realize her mistakes and to admit she was wrong. Eminem wants to expose his pain publicly, but also to get rid of his demons from the past.
The Eminem Show is the work of a mature man. A man who also wants us to think about political issues. A man who wants to help us to humor even tragical events such as September the 11th.
Eminem’s album may be different from his preceding albums, but some detail haven’t changed : he is still a tender and caring father, he is still rebellious.
I do believe that he has ‘ seen the light ‘ in some way. The more mature he becomes, the more introspective he is. He is teaching anybody of us a lesson that could be summarized in two words : faith and determination. Determination is a theme that will probably continued in the next album he is currently working on. No doubt that ‘ To Be Determined ‘ will positively surprise us.
A man of faith will teach us great lessons about life if we’re open minded enough to listen t