50 CENT, EMINEM, JAY-Z, P DIDDY and BUSTA RHYMES are amongst a host of hip-hop artists who have been allegedly secretly investigated by MIAMI police forces.
The New York Police Department are currently denying that a ‘hip-hop division’ has been created in the city to monitor visiting rappers, though officers were reportedly put on a three-day ‘hip-hop training session’ in May to learn how to keep track of new rivalries.
Earlier this week (March 9) the Miami Herald exposed officers who said that they regularly photograph rappers when they arrive at Miami International Airport, tap hotel and club workers for information as well searching out regular haunts and video shoots.
Miami police Sergeant Rafael Tapanes said in the report: “A lot [of], if not most, rappers belong to some sort of gang. We keep track of their arrests and associates.”
This information is reportedly kept in a binder given to all who attended the ‘training’ session.
”Everybody that went got a binder with information on rappers that have been arrested, outlining charges,” Tapanes added. “They were trained on what to look for in the lyrics, what to look for when they go to hip-hop concerts, what radio stations and TV stations to monitor to keep abreast of any rift between these rappers.”
Miami Beach Assistant Police Chief Charles Press said: “We have to keep an eye on these rivalries. The last thing we need in this city is violence.”
A report today (March 12) in the Miami Herald reveals that the Miami Beach Black Host Committee say that they are deeply offended by the monitoring of the rappers.
The group, formed by the city’s mayor to help improve its relations with black residents and visitors, will hold a meeting today to outline their concerns.
Committe Chairman Henry Crespo said: “These folks are coming here to have fun, they’re spending money, buying bottles. Did they shoot somebody last week, have they been selling drugs, have they been involved in prostitution, have they killed anybody? If not, then what warrants this violation of a person’s privacy?”