Eminem, a political power

On the album’s first song, “White America,” he fantasizes he has fomented an underground army of angry young teens that authority figures are desperate to stop.
“So many lives I touch, so much anger aimed in no particular direction,” he raps. “… How could I predict my words would have an impact like this?”
Eminem has confused celebrity with political power. Sure, the kids are buying his records. His album is currently No. 1 on the Billboard chart. But planning revolution? Nah.
The paranoid delusions ‘ or are they wishes? ‘ continue. On later tracks Eminem claims Lynne Cheney, the FCC, MTV, the Bush administration and Tipper Gore are all trying to muzzle him. ‘
This is an exerpt of an article written by Leanne Potts in the ABQ journal. I would like to comment on her words and tell you why I strongly disagree with her. Like it or not, Eminem has power, and even the power to impress the Bush administration.
A recent survey has proven that 53% of the Americans found Eminem’s lyrics more credible and believable than Bush’s speeches. No, Leanne Potts, you’re so wrong : Eminem has a great impact on adults. It has been proven that 55% of 35-44 years old thought the same, according to the same survey that was taken in July 2003 :
If so many people consider Eminem a trustworthy person, he actually has some political power! Eminem doesn’t confuse celebrity with political power : when he addresses to the Bush administration, he exactly knows what he’s talking about. He points out serious issues and shows people the hypocrisy of the government. Eminem raises his voice and people are listening to his speech, because he is convincing.
He first addresses to the youth. Why ? Because- and particularly in politics- the youth is our future. The youth feels lost and is fed up with the governmental hypocrisy and empty promises. What should we think of Lynne Cheney’s attitude who fires at Eminem because she thinks he’s homophobic and who rejects her own daughter because she’s lesbian ? Hypocritical behavior.
Eminem is an authentic rebel, he shows his political opinions openly and protests against the White House’s policy :
‘ I am the ringleader of this circus of worthless pawns, sent to lead the march right up to the steps of Congress, and piss on the lawns of the White House, to burn the casket and replace it with a parental advisory sticker, to spit liquor in the faces of in this democracy of hypocrisy, fuck you Ms. Cheney, fuck you Tipper Gore, fuck you with the freest of speech this divided states of embarassment will allow me to have, fuck you, he, hahaha, I’m just playin’ America, you know I love you. ‘
His message started to reach people from different social classes.
People are longing for the truth. Eminem is well known for speaking his mind. He exposes true facts. Particularly after dramas like September the 11th, people were desillusioned and hopeless.
Eminem is an engaged rapper, his rap can be viewed as political rap. He is in Public Enemy’s continuity and he also intends to fight the power with his words.
Marshall Mathers is the voice of the people that are pulled apart by the government : the poor working classes. Black and white minorities alltogether.
A white man raises his voice against White America’s government. Even if his color seems to be an advantage, the talented rapper doesn’t use it selfishly, he uses it to defend his cause. A white man talks about injustice done to black people. A white man starts a war against conservatism. Or should I say : a revolution ? Frankly it angers me when people like Benzino target Eminem as a racist man, because he does more to defend black people than Benzino has ever done nor will do in his entire life. He uses the advantage of his skin color to defend and to point out black people’s problems.
‘ White America ‘ has often been viewed as ‘ anti patriotic ‘. In fact it is not. Eminem loves America, he just despises the American policy.
Once, I had left a negative comment about President Bush, answering a precise topic. Somebody objected me (I’m a European) :
‘ If that is what you think about the President , I’m afraid of what you think about America and its citizens ‘, or something similar. That person was so wrong. Despising the American policy doesn’t mean you dislike America. In fact, I have a lot of love and respect for America and its citizens, I just don’t like the person who runs this beautiful country. Is this so hard to understand ?
Marshall acts like a responsible citizen, he uses the First Amendment of the Constitution to use his free speech. And he feels like it is his duty to point out the governemental lies and hypocrisy. So many young lives have been sacrificed for Bush’s worthless Iraqui war. People are so tired of empty speeches and political correctness.
The American society needs Eminem’s criticism, he has the courage to raise his voice against injustice. Eminem urges the American government to have a look at the underprivileged of the society, he fights for more social justice. He offers an honest criticism of the American policy. Although ‘ Square Dance ‘ refers to dramatic events, Eminem’s intentions were positive when he was writing the song :
“The whole point in square dance was like, fuck everything that’s going on in the world right now and square dance with me.”
He canalizes the youth’s anger and unsatisfactions. He is the leader of a new generation who is determined to fight injustice and oppression. He knows how hard life is financially for single mother’s kids, having experienced the same, he stands next to the youth :
“I am a pioneer of the fastest-growing class of white Americans: The children of single-mother households, unsupported or barely supported by runaway fathers, growing up on fifty cents to the dollar of wage-earning potential, having a lot of unsupervised time on our hands, and a decided lack of paternal brutality that was and remains epidemic in two-parent homes, having to go out on the street with our latchkeys to find the citizen-forming brutality we were deprived of in the home.”
Eminem has started a revolution, he has managed to unite black and white poor working classes, he has given voice to them, and he has opened hip hop music to people who didn’t know anything about it. His heart stands close to the underprivileged of this world and that’s also why he has gained a lot of sympathies from many people.
If it happened to Eminem-within a decade- to be candidate to the Presidential election of the United States, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if people chose him as the leader of the White House.
America is in urgent need of courageous people like him who are ready to fight for their rights.

Eminem is the way out of poverty

An article from the New York Daily News pretends that “Eminem is pushing poverty’.
I’d rather say Eminem shows people the way out of poverty. Eminem’s story is a great lesson for anybody who is financially down and who is going through harsh circumstances. Marshall Mathers has taught to people who are going through similar living conditions than his in the past that they should always follow their dreams no matter what their dream is. 8 Mile has also been made for people to understand that they could ‘escape to their own 8 Mile’ if they struggled hard enough and had enougn faith to fullfill their dreams. The author of this article seems to forget that Eminem came from nothing and that he’s been living in a harsch familial context.
School used to be a nightmare for him. Eminem targets school, because he has good reasons to do so. I’m a teacher who will keep saying ‘fuck the school system’ as long as teachers won’t have an ear for pupils.
Eminem is a role model for many kids who get abused ‘morally and physically- at home as well as at school. First, 10 year boys shouldn’t be able to listen to an uncensored CD of Eminem. Second, if they dare calling little girls ‘bitches’, it is due to a lack of parental education, it is certainly not Eminem’s fault. Why should Eminem be held responsible for any kid’s bad behavior? This a too simplistic view.
Eminem does not reject education globally, he hates the way he was treated and bullied at school. Eminem never told kids not to learn their lessons.
People who know details about Eminem also know that the gifted rapper spends hours studying his dictionary in order to find words to rhyme. If he was totally against education, why would he do that? Again, if he was against education, why would he want his daughter to go to College?
“Everything that I am doing right now is for Hailie . . . the money — it’s for her college.”
Eminem didn’t have the chance to access education, because his life in his childhood was living hell between a drug addicted mom and constant bullies at school. It was impossible for him to focus on school subjects at this time.
He has proven through his example that you can also succeed without having any education. This brings some hope to poor people who don’t have such an easy access to education.
And no, Eminem doesn’t encourage young men to be disrespectful towards women. His songs are a satire. Nobody with a sense of humor would take ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ 97 and ‘Kim’ seriously. The best way Eminem found to let out his emotions and his rage is his music. He helps a lot of people who have known the same circumstances or who feel the same.
Take a deeper look at Eminem’s life story and you will see that he deserves admiration for coming from nothing to stardom. How many persons can claim to be self made men? Despite so many problems, confronted to a sick mom’s behavior, abandonned by his Dad in his earlier years, bullied at school, addicted, suicidal, growing up in the poorest part of Detroit, being cheated at and humiliated by his ex wife, Eminem deserves admiration. He has made it to the top. Despite all.
His story is no Hollywood sob story, it is his life:
The talented rapper doesn’t encourage poverty, he shows us the way out of this hellhole.Eminem is pushing poverty
Monday, January 20th, 2003
The announcement last week that low-rent rapper Eminem was the People’s Choice for best male recording star of the year is a huge win for those bullish on the coarsening of America. The award comes as no surprise because the mainstream press has been glorifying Eminem for a couple of years now, ever since he stopped gay-baiting on his recordings. The elite media will tolerate just about any kind of depravity, but denigrating homosexuals is over the line.
The general acceptance of Eminem may seem trivial on the surface, but it is not. That’s because the “entertainment message” that Eminem (aka Marshall Mathers) puts out could very well induce poverty.
Just providing the basics for a small family requires a fairly high skill level. Earning a living also requires an understanding of how society operates and an acceptance of the rules. But Eminem and other rappers reject the struggle to succeed, instead encouraging rebellion in the form of anti-social behavior. If your girlfriend does you wrong, kick her in the stomach. If your mother gives you a hard time, call her a dirty name. If you want to get high – go right ahead.
The corporate charlatans who peddle this pernicious rap crap tell us that they are giving a voice to the disenfranchised. But what they are really doing is contributing to the cycle of poverty. If they truly wanted to hear from the disenfranchised, they’d put out how-to-succeed books and tapes by poor people who have made it.
Hundreds of teachers have written to me saying their young students emulate rappers in speech, dress and attitudes. Thus, we now have 10-year-old boys calling little girls bitches. We have 13-year-olds with tattoos and body piercings. We have poor children without parental guidance selling dope and carrying guns.
At one time, society and even the entertainment industry frowned on that kind of behavior. Not anymore. There’s gold in the beat of rap music. The hills are alive with the sounds of obscenity and violence.
If a working-class or poor child rejects education, does not learn to speak properly, does not respect just authority and does not understand that having babies at age 14 is a ticket to ruin, that child’s life will likely be tragic.
Eminem and his corporate masters care nothing for the legions of confused, aimless youth who are embracing the gangsta attitude with a vengeance. Sure, we’ve always had teenage rebellion in this country. But now the bar has been dropped. Now it’s okay to rap about abusing women, smoking crack and solving problems with a gun.
Eminem may be the People’s Choice, but he is as harmful to America as any Al Qaeda fanatic. The press is giving him a free pass and lionizing his “artistry.” Meantime, bewildered American children continue to drown in their own ignorance and bitterness.
In a capitalistic society, the strong and smart prosper, the uneducated and undisciplined collapse. That’s the rhyme and the reason that Eminem, his enablers and his brethren are true villains. They sell mind poison and one-way tickets to misery.

Eminem, a man of faith

I sometimes wish so much that intolerance and religious activism and fanatism could be banned from earth. A lot of people among those religious freaks still believe that Eminem is a devilish person.
I have spent years studying the Bible,even in Hebrew. I have studied Christianity and Jewish religion. But even during that confused period of my life where I was in deep spiritual search, I wouldn’t have allowed myself to take the right to judge another person as ‘devilish’.
What you can read on some websites is getting more and more ridiculous. I will show you some replies to Mr T, who is appearently a Christian religious freak. Because he’s a Christian, Mr T thinks he has the right to send Eminem to hell. Unfortunately, I was unable to find his original posting,but his replies to some fans are plain stupid:
Here is a good example:
‘I wish this email did not need any replying to, but since many people take seriously some of the things Suellen said, I think it necessary to respond.
o A man speaks out of the abundance of his heart. Eminem doesn’t need to go “vent” his feelings, he needs to have himself cleansed so that he won’t have any filth to spew.
o Eminem is going to hell because he hates God and lots of other people.
o The Bible doesn’t say not to judge, it says not to judge hypocritically. Suellen judges me, and then she tells me not to judge. That makes her a hypocrite!
o If I didn’t love my neighbor, I would not be warning him about filthy rappers who spread their filth like an infectious disease.
o The Bible doesn’t say #3 at all.
o If “anger and hate is the path to the fiery pit,” somebody better tell Eminem!
Thanks for the email, Suellen.’

He allows himself to judge Eminem and not only the rapper himself, but the huge crowd of his fans:9 million people of different ages, origins and countries! Ain’t that ridiculous? It’s getting tiresome and boring to see how far those narrow minded people are ready to go in their statements:
‘Thank you for the compliment, Paul. However, it is most unfortunate that you are a fan of Marshall Mathers. At least 99% of Eminem fans are on the way to hell. I hope you will reconsider your life and remember that on Judgment Day, God is not going to let you off just because you like this site.’
Have you ever seen a photo of Eminem praying? I have. I’m not talking about the part of the ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ video.
I’m talking about an authentic photo that had been taken before Eminem’s concert and where you can see him talking to God. I would like to share it with you. Check it out:
Much more than prayers,Eminem’s love for his daughter and for his family members who live with him is more than obvious.
Eminem feels concerned about his daughter’s education:
” So all I can do is be
the best father that I can and try to instill in Hailie
the best values, because I do care about what is said
around her and done around her.”

He also stated that he regularly prays with her.
Mr T and his fellows describe Eminem as a satanistic person and such stupid comments often contribute to a total misunderstanding of the artist by people who don’t know him so well. Slim Shady may be a devilish character, but it is just an ill character, it is Eminem acting on stage. Relax a little, his only wepon is his microphone:
‘ The fact that a man picks up a microphone,that’s it, you see? That’s what makes him a rapper. It’s not a gun. It’s a microphone ‘
Whatever Eminem’s evil alter ego may have expressed, Marshall ‘s fight to succeed in life can be compared to Rabbit’s prayer in the ‘8 Mile song’:
‘ Yo I won’t tell no lie, not a moment goes by
That I don’t pray to the sky, please I’m beggin you God
Please don’t let me be piegon holed in no regular job’ ‘

The same will, the same faith appear in ‘ Lose Yourself ‘ :
‘ Success is my only option, failure is not. So here I go, this is my shot, feet fail me not cause this might be the only opportunity that I got. ‘
If Mr T had taken enough time to study Eminem’s lyrics that he probably considers like a disgusting amount of profanity, he would have found out that there is a certain mystique in what Eminem says in some of his songs. Eminem has given people the keys to fight when they feel too weak. Take a look at the lines of ‘ Till I Collapse ‘ :
‘ Sometimes you just feel tired, feel weak
When you feel weak, you feel like you just wanna just give up
But you gotta search within you, try and find that inner strength
And just pull that shit out of you, and get that motivation not to give up
And not be a quitter no matter how bad you wanna just fall flat on your face’ ‘

Moreover, Eminem’s whole life story is one of the best examples of faith you those integrists could find if they weren’t so blind and narrow minded.
However, some other Christians didn’t systematically condemn Eminem. One of them, Matt Fontaine, made an interesting comparison between Eminem and Jesus, what they have in common and their differences :
“Jesus is popular for the same reason Eminem is: because he says what he sees, clearly and without bowing to the rules about what can be said, about which languages are legitimate, about who and what you can talk about how.
In this way they can speak directly to people’s hearts and not just to their masks of privilege and social propriety. Eminem is also the opposite: he legitimatizes the appropriation of suffering as entertainment by those who are comfortable, who then get the frisson of ‘real life’ without ever living it or suffering through it or doing anything about it. They can be ‘down’ without walking through the actual desert; they can have the pleasures of heroism without any sacrifice. This is me, too.
Anyway, them’s the ‘thoughts out of school’ of a worldly Christian. Keep up the good work,
matt fontaine “

As far as I’m concerned, there is some truth in his statements. Who could deny both men speaking their minds, both also being rebels?
Christian rapper KJ 52 also offered a more positive perspective. He showed some compassion and some respect towards Eminem.
Another point of view on Eminem by a Christian woman (who listens to his records and who likes him) has been debatted on the following website:
Mr T’s intolerance and misunderstanding of Eminem goes so far that he actually thinks the rapper is a rapist.
If Marshall was the evil man Mr T is talking about, would he have taken time to pray for his ex wife Kim during his European Tour 2003 ?Would he have felt concerned by his ex wife’s problems ?
Marshall Mathers is a completely different person in real life than the image his evil alter ego displays: he is a responsible father to Hailie and a good big brother to Nathan. He loves his family.
In a former interview given to Lang Whitaker, Eminem points out people’s hypocrisy when they preach against him:
‘ People who don’t know shit about fucking hip-hop will take it the wrong fucking way. It’s like they refuse to see the fucking comedy in it. To me that shows me that I’m hitting some soft spots, for them to take my shit that seriously. It’s like back then when they was younger, they were doing this shit and they don’t want to admit it now. Everybody wants to fucking preach, man. “Don’t do this and don’t do that!” Then they go home and they do it. They say, “Stop porn, stop porn!” Then they go home and they beat off to a fucking porno mag under their bed. They want everybody in the public eye to see that they’re so fucking righteous.’
He’s so right about it. I wish Pharisean Mr T could read his statement. It wouldn’t surprise me if he started an anti- porn campaign while hiding some porn magazines at home!
After years of Bible studies, what I have remembered most is to show compassion and love to other people and that’s the main message that you will find in any religion. But you don’t even need to belong to any religion to apply to this.
Mr T, nothing allows you to jugde Mr Mathers, but I will give you two main reasons:
-first if you believe in God, you should know that only God can jugde. You have no right and also no power to send Eminem nor his fans to hell.
-second, I doubt you have ever walked one mile in Eminem’s shoes. If you had, this would definitly close your dirty mouth.

These Drugs

The D12 song ‘ These Drugs ‘ from Snoop Dogg’s ‘ Bones ‘ album sound like an ode to drugs. Drug use explains Slim Shady and his fellows crazy behavior in the song. The song is intentionnally sarcastically mixed up with sex, drug use and absuse. But references to drugs can be found in many Eminem and D12 songs such as Purple pills, Drug Ballad, Under The Influence etc’
Slim Shady starts with describing his sensations after sniffing too much coke, everything’s spinning all around him and that’s why he has no control what’s happening afterwards (the bitch gets slapped -you probably guessed it- and the kid gets stomped). Don’t get so shocked, this text is a parody. It is insane on purpose.
It is also written to make you laugh.
This line from Proof’s part is hilarous :
‘ The crime in the street hold your parents for ransom
while D-12 gang rape Marilyn Manson’ ‘

The song brings you in a dirty ‘psychotic- insane dimension : those are the words of crazy drug addicts talking and you can feel what is going through their insane pill popping and weed smoking brains. The more pills and alcohol they swallow, the more they become psycho.
Bizarre is known for his ill rhymes. His part in ‘ These Drugs ‘ sounds similar to his words in ‘ Fight Music ‘ :
‘ You know why my hands are so numb? (No)
Cuz my grandmother sucked my dick
And I didn’t cum (Oh)
Smacked this whore for talking crap (Bitch)
So what if she’s handicapped (What?)
The bitch said Bizarre couldn’t rap’

Who wouldn’t agree with Proof on the fact most of those things the D12 are making fun of already exist and often reflect society:
Nobody wants to talk about a handicapped girl, nobody wants to talk about fat people, you know what I’m sayin’?? Nobody wants to do these things. But this shit exists. It’s so funny, ’cause [there’s] nothin’ we say or done, even that Em writes, either, that we created. It’s all here on Earth. We only talk about what we see. We reporters ourself, you know what I’m sayin’?”
Some people ( I guess intolerant conservative people are fighting in front line, as usual) may object that drugs may appear as cool on the song. The truth is that the listener has to distinguish between good and bad things. If you haven’t tried drugs before, I frankly doubt this song will make a drug addict of you, even if Eminem sarcastically pretends to influence you with his CD and make you want to try out the drugs he mentions.
Let Shady be Shady, let him say what he has to say. I mean it’s all about artistic creation and expression. The conclusion is funny and humors Slim Shady’s addiction. He advices people not to make their addiction public, because he already knows how much the media amplify known facts.
These Drugs
[Chorus 1]
It’s (it’s) be (be) cause (cause) of (of)
these drugs I do; that’s why I do the things, I do
Be.. cause.. of..
these drugs I do; that’s why I do the things, I do
[Eminem – speaking over Chorus 1]
It was like.. whoahh and then the fuckin room started spinnin and shit
And my friend came in he was like, “Yo! Yo! Em! Em!
You puttin that shit up your nose again?”
And I was like, “Naw” nuttin like – everything was just spinnin
I couldn’t even see and like, he started to look like a monster n shit
Then I just started laughin and threw up all over the fuckin floor
It’s crazy
[Chorus 2 – over last two lines of Chorus 1]
It’s because, of these drugs, that I do, that make me
do these things, that I do, do these things, that I do
My music is therapeutic for whoever’s there to use it
It’s like, Lucifer’s here to influence listeners through it
You probably do what it said to do just from listenin to it
It’s got the power to get you to do it (c’mon)
So when the shit comes on, I wanna see some shit jump off
Some bitch get slapped, some motherfuckin kid get stomped
So get this song, go run out and buy this disc
And try this shit, as much coke as I just did
Cause times like these, got me doin lines like these
Plus I grab a pencil every time that I light weed
It’s probably because of the drugs Shady does what he does
and is what he is, I’m dizzy Bizzy visit these kids
Hey Stephanie (hi!) Let’s take some ecstasy (okay!)
Now pull your pants down bitch and have sex with this dog next to me
(huh?) ‘Til I’m dead I’m takin blunts to the head
Needles in my broken leg, listen to Grateful Dead
These mescalines got me sure
that I can fuck any whore with genital warts on the Warped Tour
Who slipped this downer in my Snapple?
Cussin out Interscope (Bizarre, you’re signed to Capitol!)
Fuck it, I was born with half a brain
Sniffin ‘caine, at celebrity basketball games
You motherfuckers think I’m a gimmick
cause I got a Cash Money tattoo and roll with No Limit (UNNNNGGGHHH!)
The last time I sniffed blow
I ended up in Denver, Colorado at an Iggy Pop show
Bizarre be smokin a half a pound
Fuckin the engineer’s wife, while he’s mixin my song down
[Chorus 1]
[Eminem – speaking over Chorus 1]
It’s like, back when I first went on tour
I like, went crazy I was like out of control
And – just was fuckin wasted every night, like
wakin up the next morning like – where the..
Where the fuck am I at, what the fuck is goin on
you see what I’m sayin? I was just like, out of control
[Chorus 2 – over last two lines of Chorus 1]
[Swifty McVay]
These Benadryls got me stiffer than a mannequin
Eight years old swallowin Anacins, standin over my bannister
Laughin with a chromed out caliber (hahahahaha)
The weed that I’m sellin this (?) look like the back of a tarantula
I keep a substantial amount of aspirins in my Acura
Smashin it, after framin a nigga with smack and dust
I’m scandalous, drugs been ran for months
Crackin capsules to expand our blunts
I rolled it up and take the pressure to the head
Now I’m lookin like a extra on “Night of the Living Dead”
until they find me on a stretcher
I’m quick to sample anything, bitch you got a tester?
This crank’ll have me blowin up banks like Uncle Fester
Ahhhh.. watch tonight, you’ll admit that I’m a fiend
Pop beans, ‘scalines, along with amphetamines
Ghetto kings, meddling with the smell of greens
Got a Jell-o spleen, and see yellow rings (ohhhhhh)
Blue pills, and purple mushrooms
(Hey little girl, you got a curfew, don’t you?)
Missin since yesterday, perfect just for rape
See I’m on judgment day, numb from special K
Two tabs of X and vitamin C
Swallow Hennessey along with Tylenol 3
Grindin the teeth at the signs of the E
I lost six days at a time in the week
The crime in the street hold your parents for ransom
while D-12 gang rape Marilyn Manson
In twelve hours we blow a pound of the chronic
Barf up my stomach linin, drown in my vomit
[Chorus 1] – 2.5X
[Eminem – speaking over Chorus 1]
Cause I like, I always tell people – yknowhatI’msayin like
If you got an addiction, don’t admit, to nobody, yknowhatI’msayin?
Keep that shit to yourself; because if anybody sees that, yknahmsayin
when you’re out in the public eye and shit
they’re always gonna think that you’re on that shit even if you’re not
That’s why I always tell my friends, knowhatI’msayin but
I mean, like for me, I don’t give a fuck
I’ll probably end up, dyin from this shit one day
Probably pick up a newspaper in the morning and it’s like
“Eminem dies from, drug overdose” – youknowhatI’msayin? And
And my friends, they ain’t no fuckin better, yknowhatI’msayin?
They ain’t nothin but influences, bad influences to me, y’know
It’s peer pressure, shit is like all peer pressure
That’s what it boils down to – and, I give in to it
So do they..

The guy who created this website deserves to be mute

Look, this is one of the worst example of intolerance I found on the net:
Somebody wants to shut down Eminem among 14 other artists. In the list, there are also artists I don’t like at all, but I believe in freedom of speech and I don’t mind them saying what they have to say. I just don’t listen to them. This man acts like a dictator. Plus his judgements about Eminem are far from being objective. He doesn’t know very much about Eminem. His statements fully prove it. Franlky, I despise him for being such an ignorant person and showing it publicly. Check his comments out:
Eminem aka The rapper full of shit in everything he says
Here it is, the number asshole that doesn’t deserve to have a voice. I could go on forever about how much I hate this stupid bitchboy but I’ll keep it short because I got other things to do.
– Calls everything “art”
Everyone says he sucks and he’s just doing some gimmicky rap shit but then Eminem jsut says, “I’t my art, my music”. I shouldn’t lose my artistic expression”. Shut the fuck Eminem, we all know you just say dumb shit just to impress little 12 year olds or people that have brains of 12 year olds. Your music is just overrated garbage that doesn’t deserve any attention, except for negative attention from me.
– Says his mother is a bitch
Yeah sure, you little pansy pampered kid. Your mother was intereviewed already. She said you just started doing that “My mom sucks” shit when your positie rhymes didn’t get you anywhere. Your’re mother says she always helped you out when you were young but then now all the fans of Eminem are crying about “poor abused Eminem”
Even his uncle was interviewed, said he saw little bitchboy in the toy store then bitchboy would bitch until he got the toy. Little spolied brat. Now he looks like that heroic rapper that struggled because he’s white and talks like a wannabe black guy.
– Nothing to offer
The crappy rap songs of his has nothing to offer. no innovative songcraft or deep lyrics. Just shitty bitch boy acting cool and talking shit. This is just ridiculous, “Eminem one of the best musicians of today”, give me a fucking break, he’s jsut an attention whroe like all the rest of the bitchboys on this list.
So that concludes out list of people that should be mute becase all they do is say something stupid or make really bad “music”.

Let me tell you that we should call you an asshole, Mr Ignorant Man. I will prove it to you and -by the way- before judging artistic expression, you should learn how to spell correctly!
Sorry to disappoint you: Eminem has a lot to offer and not only to 12 years old kids. I’m 38 and Eminem impresses me a lot. I’m a graduate, I’ve been teaching foreign languages and I can tell you that Eminem perfectly knows how to handle words.I doubt you will ever make words rhyme like him. And yea, his music is art: Marshall Mathers has a message to deliver to the youth and to many other people. He describes his struggles, his personal life, he talks about children abuse and serious political questions. And he’s got something you’re probably totally deprived of: a solid sense of humor. Eminem intelligently parodies tragical situations.
Eminem has offered me so much through his music: his music has been a real gift in my life and I am not the only person to say so.
He has given me the courage to fight in life and not to give myself up. He has shown me a new path of hope, he has shown me to believe in my dreams. I am self confident and balanced thanks to him.
He has offered me the greatest gift somebody could offer me, he taught me to be myself.
If Eminem says his mother is a ‘bitch’, he has good reasons. He’s been suffering from his mom’s sick behavior, he’s been spat at , trampled on by his own mom. She has made a drug addict of him. She was the first to put him on Ritalin.
Marshall’s mom used to suffer from Munchhausen’s syndrome. It is a proven fact. And if you’re talking about Todd Nelson, Debbie’s brother, he is a big lier anyway. He even stated that he taught him how to rap. Everybody knows this is total bullshit.
Eminem doesn’t talk like a wannabe black boy. He grew up among Blacks and this explains his ‘black’ accent. If you had studied his biography instead of spreading your nonsense on the Internet, you would know about this detail.
Eminem is a much more than a good musician. He is also a contemporary poet. To your info (honestly, I doubt you read ever read about it), Eminem has earned many educated people’s respect. Among them, Giles Foden a respected English writer and Seamus Heaney, a Nobel Price and former Professor of Poetry at Oxford University. But maybe you’re wizer than them to rate Eminem’s lyrics…Oh, I bet you will never get my sarcasm, that’s why I need to conclude by showing you your own stupidity. At least you will be able to look at it into the mirror.
You are a total ignorant and I may call you a total idiot too. I despise people like you whose life is so empty that they want to write anything on the internet, just to sound important. If your ignorance of the other artists you mention besides Eminem is as great as you have proven it for Eminem (I didn’t want to spend my whole time reading your stupid stuff, I got better things to do anyway), then you totally suck. Then you are the one who deserves to be mute: you have proven that you have nothing to offer nor to say, so please shut up!

KJ-52’s songs about Eminem

A few weeks ago, I have posted an article about KJ 52’s ‘ Dear Slim ‘ songs. In the meantime, I had the curiosity to have a look at the lyrics and to listen to the songs. I know that KJ has driven mad a lot of Eminem fans (mostly kids), but I think it would be interesting to try to be as objective as possible as an adult Eminem fan.
When I knew the Christian rapper had released a second song ‘dear Slim part II’, I presumed it was a call for conversion. I guessed it right in some way. I think that KJ respects Eminem and wants to help him, but he should be cautious, when he says he wants Eminem to change his heart.
Why should Eminem necessarly have a bad heart and viewed as a bad person?
I wish KJ 52 could read what I want to tell him right now:
KJ, you’re talking about God. I just hope that you are not as brainwashed from pentacostal churches as I was in the early 90’s. Because many of those kind of Christians spend their time trying to save other people’s souls, but never look at themselves. I mean they are not even aware of their own sins and mistakes. They have disgusted me completely and honestly, in my opinion, they are so far away from real love.
Your intentions honor you, though. You have seen that there may remain a lot of pain inside of Marshall. But I strongly disagree with you when you describe Slim as a bad role model. You seem to despise cusswords and the content of his lyrics too. But do you realize that a sugarcoated Eminem would be a real disaster for his fans and for the music industry?
I don’t want Eminem’s music to sound like Black Eye Peas. He’s a gangsta rapper and his lyrics are related to ghetto life. He has the courage to describe his past in its roughness and its uglyness. He has also the courage to always speaking his mind. I don’t want Eminem to change in that way, you cannot make a gospel singer out of him.
But I respect you, KJ 52, for some points you expressed on Eminem.
First, you didn’t describe him as a devilish person, what integrists like those Christians against Eminem (CAE) did. You told them to ‘get on their knees and pray for him’, what they obviously should do, but first they should pray for themselves, because as Christians they are unable to show mercy.They are sinners too and shouldn’t forget it so easily. In the end, only God can judge.
Second, you respect him for the love he shows towards Hailie. Nobody could deny the man loves his daughter.
Third, you saw his pain from the past and it moved you. You followed his career step by step and the way you talk about him managed to move me too in some way.
KJ, you have no idea of what Eminem has been through. He is lucky to be alive today. Eminem believes in God, he prays with his daughter every day when he’s at home. But if he didn’t, would that automatically make a bad man of him? I have seen so many people in my life who were swearing on the Bible and who have been real bitches to me.
You are wrong on one point: what Eminem is saying helps a lot of people and kids in particular. ‘Cleaning Out My Closet’ is a therapy for mishandled kids and it has helped me so much to overcome a lot of problems. Many kids who buy Eminem’s Cd’s can relate to his songs. I’m personally in touch with teenagers who are fellow fans and who are experiencing children abuse. They find their force in Eminem’s songs. KJ, you’re wrong in that way.
KJ, no Church, no preacher have cured me from the deseases I had inside. Marshall has done this for me.It is precisely his rage, his words and his attitude who deeply changed me. You ought to know that he is real, and believe me, God loves it when people don’t fake themselves. This man you’re calling for conversion has already been blessed by God.
You can watch the “Dear Slim” video here:
http://www.forbes.com/2003/09/18/cx_ar_0918music.htmlpart I
[Verse I]
Dear Slim, I never wrote you or been calling
My name ain’t Stan son nah we’ve never met and
My name’s KJ let me begin by introducing now
Myself to you and these very reasons I’ll be writing
Why I took my time the who what where and why and
The purpose of my verse and the reasons I’m reciting
What I hope your learning from the truth I pray your finding
And every word I’m writing down upon the dotted lines and
See I heard ya first album it was called infinite
I shook my head cause nowadays you sounding different
What drove ya to take your whole persona and be flipping it
Now what makes a man totally change see I ain’t getting it
See was you sick of getting booed when you was ripping it
And sick of never having dough and you wanted to put an end to it
What good’s all kinds of dough, plus all kinds of flow?
To gain a world of fans but suffer the loss of soul
[Chorus – 4X]
La la la la la la
La la la la la la la la (to whom it may concern)
[Verse II]
Dear Slim I never wrote you or been calling
This is my 2nd letter cause see son I gots a real problem
It’s that to you that I’m always catching these comparisons
And after shows I got these people coming up to me saying
You sound like Slim Shady son you sound like Eminem
And I be like now really man do I gots to go through this again
See I used to get mad and sick of people saying that
Till at this one show this one day I met this one cat
He told me how he used to listen to you but now listens to me
Had your LP but threw it out and bought my CD
I’m like “For real?” he’s like “Yeah,” said my music made a difference
It got him away from all your words and images
Gotta mention this now what about the effects you have on kids?
You ever stop to think about the millions you influence
Or is it just irrelevant is it a true life you telling it
Or just a way for some record companies selling it
The only thing we’s got in common is our melanin
Or a lack of it but anyway now this is what I’m saying
Its for you that I’m on my knees now daily praying
Praying that God opens your eyes now to what I’m relaying
Now I’m praying that it’s your heart that will soon be changing
Praying one day that you’ll be calling upon his name and
But anyway I’m signing off now don’t keep me waiting
This is KJ another cat just trying to make it
[Verse III]
Dear Slim I heard about the stuff you’s going through
See I could relate to you cause son I’m about as old as you
See we both know what it’s like just to be growing up to be in a neighborhood
When you’s the one and only kid that’s white
Or to get booed when you on the mic just because your skin is light
It ain’t right but sometimes you know that’s life
But really tell me what you do?
You just push on with hopes on that someday you’ll put on your crew
I hope you understand that I ain’t even dissing you
And even though it’s a song you’ll probably never listen to
See what I send to you is this
Is that a life without Christ is just a life that is never fixed
I hope you remember this now a few sentences
About a living God who loves you and plus forgives
And I’ll be praying for your ex-wife and plus your kid
It’s hard to live in a world as crazy as this one is
And even though now it really might sound redundant
God’s got mad love for you up in a mad abundance
You’ll sell a couple mill I’ll probably sell a couple hundred
There’s more to life than selling records and just getting blunted
But anyway that’s really all I gots to say
Just another word from an emcee now around the way
Maybe some day we meet each other in some way
Till then one love one God one way
Part II
La la la la la la la yo yo yo yo yo
La la la la la la la la yo yo
Dear Slim Part Two yo yo
Dear Slim I wrote you but you ain’t calling
Its been a couple years now since I wrote that song and
A lot has changed now for you and I
I have no clue now that I’d write a song for you and it would change some lives
Kids with tears in their eyes they now come up to me
Showing love to me and telling me that they look up to me
The effects to me well it’s really kinda strange see I only want to share with you Jesus’s love for me
There’s a whole nother’ side of things now I’ve come to see
It’s a huge influence you’ve got upon this industry
But enough of me because it’s not what I came to say to you
Not a day goes by while I take time to pray for you
I’m sorry now for what your mom and dad they did to you
But I can relate with you because you see dude I’ve been there too
I know there’s a lot of pain and hurt now that you’ve been through
But never forget there’s a real love God gave to you
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
To whom it may concern
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
Still to whom it may concern
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
To whom it may concern
La la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
It’s still to whom it may concern
Dear Slim I wrote you but you still aint calling
Backstage at the VMA’s someone gave you my song and
I’m kinda wondering what you thought man
When that guy walked up to you and talked to you and put it in your hands
Maybe you never listened to it or maybe you lost it or maybe you heard it and
You just got mad and then you tossed it
Did he get you back that’s the question that I’ll always get
And I’m like for God forbid that you might even have liked it
I don’t know congratulations on your movie yo
And I heard your last record well over ten million sold
But there’s one thing that’s really got me thinking bro
Does a Grammy mean anything and if its just gotta cost your soul
In case you didn’t know there’s a love that will never go away
You said your going to hell but it don’t have to be that way
See the bottom line of what I’m trying to say is
God puts back together the broken pieces that’s been thrown away
And even everyone ya know ya stuff that goes away
He’ll still love ya til the very day that your old and gray
Too bad a lot of Christians all they do is hate on you instead of droppin to their knees
And takin’ time to pray for you
And it’s obvious that you really love your daughter dude and for that I gotta tell you well
I really got respect for you
So here it is, Dear Slim Chapter Part Two
Another cat just trying to make it just like you
Dear Slim did you hear the junk that I’m going through
Kids sending me hate mail and telling me how I’m biting you
Telling me how there gonna beat me up and just kill me too
But a lot of people they just seem to get my song confused
See what I say to you I know I might even sound funny but I never came at
You just to paint you as the enemy
It wasn’t about hatin’ you or startin’ some controversy
It wasn’t about blamin’ you or trying to make some money (no)
I don’t claim to know everything that you’ve experienced
Man I don’t know if you even be hearin’ this
But I said it once and I still hold to this
Is that a life without Christ is still a life that is never fixed
I tell you this even if it is a hard pill to swallow
Like it or not Slim you will always be a role model
Do you know these kids, we’re the one’s they always follow
What we say and how we live gives them a better tomorrow
I had my share of sorrow plus man I’ve been rejected
I’ve been chewed up, spit out and cussed, disrespected
But if I die today and I never sell another record
Jesus gave me more than I ever coulda been expected
I know life is hectic it could leave ya blown away
But check it bro because we all just gon’ die some day
And on that note well there’s only just one thing to say
There’s still one love and one God and only one way!

Mag releases controversial Eminem clips

They used to like him.
In March of 1998, when Eminem was first getting a little buzz, the Source magazine gave him props in its much-celebrated “Unsigned Hype” section. After he was signed by Interscope Records, the magazine nominated him for multiple Source awards and championed him as the first white hip-hop artist of significance.
People who hadn’t given hip-hop music a second thought bought the Detroit rapper’s CD by the multimillions.
They loved the rapper’s sound, his flow and his story.
He became an MTV staple and every record he put out shot to the top of the charts.
That’s when the folks behind the Source magazine, which for 15 years has been regarded as one-stop shopping for everything hip-hop, got mad. They felt that Eminem’s sales were hurting black artists, something they saw as especially hurtful in a culture created by blacks. Thus began a feud – though the magazine doesn’t call it that – that continues, and perhaps is escalating, to this day.
The magazine’s February issue came out Monday, and David Mays, the Source’s CEO, promises hip-hop fans will be shocked at the information they’ve dug up on the Eminem. Included in the edition is a CD that contains snippets of raps Eminem made – before he was a star – that include derogatory comments about black women. Exactly when they were made is disputed, though they caused a stir when the Source played them at a November news conference and posted them on its Web site.
The article talks about the rapper’s early career, and Mays says they’ve collected a lot of evidence that suggests that he may not be sensitive to the black community and issues of race.
The piece is part of a buildup of verbal attacks that have included racial accusations, record deal breakups and questions of street credibility.
Raymond Scott, who raps under the moniker Benzino, is best friends with Mays and is closely affiliated with the Source. Through underground mixtapes and his own CD, he has traded barbs with the Detroit rapper and his label, Shady Records, for most of 2003.
Scott called Eminem a “rap David Duke, a rap Hitler, a culture-stealer,” and was pictured in the Source holding Em’s head.
Eminem fired back, calling Benzino the “softest, fakest wanna-be gangster in New York.”
Interscope Records, the label Eminem and Dr. Dre record for, pulled its ads from the magazine and refuses to talk to reporters there.
It wasn’t long after that, according to Mays, three “white kids from Detroit” came to the Source offices with the tapes that the magazine is now releasing.
Lawyers for Eminem tried to block the release of the recordings, saying that distributing the CD violated copyright laws. But last month, a federal judge ruled that the Source could make available up to 20 seconds of the two previously unreleased works.
Eminem has said he made the recording “out of anger, stupidity and frustration” after breaking up with a girlfriend who was black.
The Source’s investigation and report, Mays says, are in an effort to save hip-hop from suburban America.
“The Source has always been on the front lines to defend hip-hop from its attackers,” says Mays, who is white. “We’re the only ones that understood hip-hop … and we’re able to report on it and understand its point of view. We’re trying to save the greatness of hip-hop culture.”
It really isn’t just about Eminem, Mays says. It’s hip-hop’s integrity that they’re really concerned about.
He points out that black innovators were not credited for their part in creating rock ‘n’ roll, and says he would hate to see that happen to hip-hop.
“Eminem is the major force being used to help redefine for mainstream America what hip-hop is,” Mays says. “And as long as they continue to think hip-hop is what he represents and what he projects, they will no longer be supportive of what real hip-hop is.”
Eminem has apologized in statements, saying that his lyrics were young and foolish.
“Dave Mays and Benzino are spitting in the face of what hip-hop and rap music have done to promote racial unity,” Eminem said in a statement. “Their attempt to use this old, foolish recording to damage me and, in turn, the positivity that hip-hop promotes is really nothing more than blatant self-promotion for a failing magazine and one man’s lifeless music career. They’re scared of what can happen if the hip-hop community shows it can live without them.”
New York entertainment attorney Michael Friedman, says that the judge made the “appropriate” decision when ruling to let the magazine distribute partial recordings of the songs.
However, the intensity behind the investigative report is what stands out for Friedman, an entertainment partner with the New York City office of the national law firm Jenkens & Gilchrist Parker Chapin.
Friedman, an expert in entertainment law, has worked with several independent record companies on MP3.com and Napster litigations, in addition to being an expert on licensing.
“It is unusual the degree to which they are forcing the issue and putting this out there into the public. As a music industry and cultural publication, they certainly have the right to do it,” Friedman says. “Whether the public is interested in this is yet to be determined. But they certainly are within their rights and the domain of their market to develop this story. It’s all very interesting and it balances a lot of competing interests.”
Mays says he’s hoping to educate the masses about the current poster child of hip-hop through the magazine piece.
“We’re battling for the future of hip-hop. If we don’t continue, hip-hop will be lost. It will go the way of rock ‘n’ roll,” Mays says. “It will no longer be an African-American and Latino art form. One of the great things about hip-hop is its ability to unite the races and to destroy racism.”
But is he convinced that Eminem is a racist?
“At the time he made the songs, I do believe he had very strong racist views,” Mays says. “It is conceivable through the greatness of hip-hop that he changed these ignorant perspectives. Maybe he’s learned that those views are wrong and ignorant. But I don’t know that. He’s not talking. He’s hiding behind prepared statements from his people. He doesn’t have the courtesy for the community to even speak out about it.”
Then again, he might. Later this month, Eminem will be on the cover of XXL magazine – the Source’s direct competition – addressing the songs and the things Mays and Benzino have been accusing him of.
Eminem’s publicist declined comment on the Source’s story.

Listener, expand your sense of humor!

In “Bitch Please II,” Eminem claims that “somewhere deep down, there’s a decent human being in me. It just can’t be found.”
This statement is total sarcasm. Seriously, how could somebody take him at his word ?
No, Eminem is not the worst man on earth, he just enjoys pissing you off, like he states it in his song ‘ Soldier ‘ :
‘ I love pissin’ you off, it gets me off, like my lawyers, when the fuckin’ judge
lets me off
all you motherfuckas gotta do is set me off, I’ll violate and all the
motherfuckin’ bets be off
I’m a lit fuse, anything I do bring it’s news, pistol whippin’ motherfuckin’
bouncers, six-two, who needs bullets?
Soon as I pull it, you sweat bullets, an excellent method to get rid of the
next bully’ ‘

Eminem is complex as an artist : the listener is supposed to be able to make a difference between the lines that are supposed to express the truth and the verses that are made to play with people’s heads. Sometimes, the frontier between both is thin, that’s what makes Eminem’s art so subtle. You are also supposed to make a difference between the real Marshall, and both of his stage characters : Eminem and Slim Shady. Reality and fiction are so well mixed up and it is done on purpose.
Eminem has assaulted a lot of people and ‘ killed ‘ them verbally, including his ex wife and his mom. Matter of fact : those people are still alive.
If you’re clever enough, you should be able to get every inch of Eminem.
When the real Marshall talks, he refers to his inner feelings and to the dramatic events he went through. The real Marshall points out the truth about his past and his anger against his relatives and enemies.
Eminem as a stage character is much more ‘ the man behind the mic ‘, while Slim Shady is the psychopath killer. While listening to his CD’s, the listener has to find out who’s talking to him.
Slim Shady becomes easier to understand when you admit you own evil side. Anybody of us has a shady side. Deep inside of us remains a dark and shadowed side.
But what the listener needs more then anything else to fully get Eminem is a solid sense of humor. Quoting Eminem himself :
“Anybody with a sense of humour is going to put on my album and laugh from beginning to end.”
Eminem is well known for anticipating his enemies’ reactions, his caustic remarks are set up as a trap in order to upset his enemies. And it works : his enemies fall into those well placed traps as fast as you could fall on to a banana peel.
Don’t forget that ‘ God sent him to piss the world off ‘ and he accomplishes this mission so well.When you’re used to eminem’s sense of humor, you can share his amusement while reading his rhymes.You will be able to imagine and to anticipate the sentence that might upsetthe kind of people Eminem targets.
Eminem has proven to be a thousand times cleverer than his detractors who systematically fall into the trap he has intelligently prepared for them.Close minded people are sometimes so shocked by cusswords and profanity that is present in Eminem’s albums that they become blind to what Eminem is trying to say.
Eminem has many valid points, particularly when he expresses society’s hypocrisy :
‘ Get aware, wake up, get a sense of humor/ Quit trying to censor music, this is for your kid’s amusement/ But don’t blame me when lil’ Eric jumps off the terrace/ You shoulda been watching him–apparently you ain’t parents’ ‘
It is so easy to attack Eminem or Marilyn Manson or any other artist when we don’t assume our responsibilities towards our own kids. So often Eminem has been held responsible for teenagers’ suicide. Kaleigh Davis’ death is a good example.
The funniest thing is that Eminem gets so often called an ‘ idiot ‘ by people who would be unable to handle words the way he does. They may even have studied a lot, but if you defy them, they would be unable to write complex texts like his, that make sense and rhyme at the same time. But even if they could, they’d still lack an essential component : a warped sense of humor !

Bullets (New Benzino diss, by me)

Let me define in one line why against you I’m fighting in front line
Hold on, I’m on the phone line, there’s no need to whine
You’re a dictator, people will discover it sooner or later
Who’s the real race hater, maybe you’re too dumb, you need a translator,
You’re the one who deserves a smack for his intelligence lack (Arghhhhhhhhh !!!)
Playing on a whack track as if you were black, holla back !
White for a half, writing on Dave May’s behalf,
Man you’re a faggot, all you want is a big maggot,
You need to be shot for your deloyal plot,
Trying to rally the black community for this load of insanity,
Maybe for you to hate it’s too late, spread you fake mic rate,
Whatever this won’t increase your album sale, for you began an unlucky trail,
You’re just a plain sinner, who would call you a winner
You’re just so unprofessionnal, so obsessional, and just a beginner,
We all laugh at the Bawston bitch, who will never be rich
To another topic you need to switch, you act like a plain snitch,
Denonciator, what a whack score, you’re such a bore, thinking you’re hardcore,
People like you we abhore, while Shady we adore,
you don’t belong to the rap decor, close the door
You’d better open a clothing store, cuz we already won the war.
We are 9 million, a crowd of zillion, against us you’re definitly done
This is your end run, everybody is making fun of you, take the gun,
Your reference to Malcom X is an easy equation, a regression of y on x,
It only reflects your anti white projects, I’ll break your necks,
You can’t deny it : Shady is universal, and nothing explains against him your reversal,
Of course The Source should show remorse and yea the magazine is not the only hip hop force,
Constructive projects you should endorse, that would increase you sales force
But your vendetta looks like an operetta
Stop jumping up and down, you’re just a clown, I’ll bring you down
Man, you’re so weak, soon you’ll die down ,
You make me feel disgusted, you’ll get busted,
To the black community you’re no pillar, you look like a bee killer,
Or a liquor distiller, nothing iller, you ain’t no serial killer
I’ll send you bullets and rockets, go hide your bracelets and amulets
No need to hide your secrets, swallow your last chicken nuggets,
Man, spread your SOS calls, you ain’t no balls
On you I pull the trigger before you call Em a wigger,
You’re the one who told the Strangla to use the N Word
You fucking nerd, ain’t that absurd, yea, but it occured,
The Strangla is white, allright ? On Blacks to hate wasn’t this an invite ?
The beef against Em you did ignite, and on an apology you should conclude
What you started so rude, dude, your fucking fued,
Be real, you’re a bad thief, you steal, in front of Shady you should kneel.
While trying to rhyme you fell on the banana peel
This beef looks surreal, you rage you’re unable to conceal,
Of Benzino, everybody’s getting tired, you’re so uninspired,
As a rapper you need to get fired, it is high time you’d get retired.
Can you feel the chill wind of defeat , take a chill pill
End your stress, go back to your illegal business
There is nobody you can impress, not even in the press.

The banning of the Eminem dolls

A series of three Eminem dolls ( Marshall Mathers- Eminem- Slim Shady) hit the stores in July 2001. The three dolls exactly look like Eminem. The New York based company, ‘ Art Asylum ‘ has created the dolls.
The Marshall Mathers doll representents Eminem wearing a D12 bandana with accessories like his doomed car.
The Eminem doll represents Eminem as a rapper wearing his white jacket. The accessories include Stan’s desk.
But the most controversial action figure is certainly the third one : the Slim Shady doll. Slim Shady, scarier as ever, brandishes his chainsaw and he is ready to break the picnic table.
Carlos Espada, the spokesman for ‘ Art Asylum ‘ said about the dolls :
‘ Eminem loves them. His management loves them. They actually have his branding. ‘
Eminem’s spokesman, Dennis Dennehy at Interscope said Eminem believed the dolls would be fun for his fans. And Eminem was right about it : his fans love them too.
Who would have thought that even the Eminem doll could cause some controversy ?
One of the biggest toy sellers in the UK, Woolworth, decided to ban the Eminem doll from their shop. In fact, the doll is seen as ‘ visually controversial ‘, particularly the ‘ Slim Shady doll ‘, because it had the all the tattoos of the artist and the chainsaw.
People are shocked by the tatoo that is on Eminem’s right wrist, but they seem to ignore what is exactly tatooed on it. I found ‘ Cut Here ‘ in two different articles instead of ‘ Slit Me ‘.
While Woolworth and Hamleys refused to sell the dolls, Tower Records found them cool and were ready to sell them :
“We think they’re pretty cool.”
Woolworth may have banned the doll, but they intended to continue selling Eminem’s albums, because appearently the doll is more ‘ visually ‘ aggressive than the lyrics. There is a big contradiction with the shop owner’s attitude as far as I am concerned : whether you ban everything or you allow everything.
You cannot sell Eminem’s albums as non offensive and describe the Slim Shady doll as offensive. The most intelligent attitude would certainly be a liberal attitude that would let the customer decide if he wants to buy the product or not rather than banning it from the market.
What is so terrible with that Eminem doll ? If parents allow their kids to buy an armed ‘ Action Man ‘, why should they forbit them the Slim Shady doll with a chainsaw ? It is ridiculous. Kids need a little bit of aggressivity around them. Boys in particular are fond of war games. Playing with the Eminem doll won’t make criminals of them. We should trust our kids, because they are clever enough to make a difference between a character and a real person.
Once I went to the cinema to see the Harry Potter movie and a mom whose boy was around 8 was afraid that the movie could shock her 8 years old son. Jesus ! How could she even think like that ? Kids even need to escape from reality from time to time and to dream about imaginary worlds like Hogwarts where monsters and strange creatures live. Danger and violence are components of our daily reality and the real danger is to hide them to kids as if they didn’t exist.
Kids need to be prepared to reality : our world is far from sugarcoated.
The selling of the Eminem doll has been debated on a website :
Relax a little : Eminem dolls are harmless. They won’t make big criminals of your kids. When my youngest son asked me for an Eminem doll for Christmas 2001, I have bought it to him with pleasure. He was only 6 years old, but believe me, he was able, even then, to make a difference between a doll and a real person. And if I allow him to play with ‘ Action Man ‘ why should I forbid him to have an Eminem doll.