These Drugs

The D12 song ‘ These Drugs ‘ from Snoop Dogg’s ‘ Bones ‘ album sound like an ode to drugs. Drug use explains Slim Shady and his fellows crazy behavior in the song. The song is intentionnally sarcastically mixed up with sex, drug use and absuse. But references to drugs can be found in many Eminem and D12 songs such as Purple pills, Drug Ballad, Under The Influence etc’
Slim Shady starts with describing his sensations after sniffing too much coke, everything’s spinning all around him and that’s why he has no control what’s happening afterwards (the bitch gets slapped -you probably guessed it- and the kid gets stomped). Don’t get so shocked, this text is a parody. It is insane on purpose.
It is also written to make you laugh.
This line from Proof’s part is hilarous :
‘ The crime in the street hold your parents for ransom
while D-12 gang rape Marilyn Manson’ ‘

The song brings you in a dirty ‘psychotic- insane dimension : those are the words of crazy drug addicts talking and you can feel what is going through their insane pill popping and weed smoking brains. The more pills and alcohol they swallow, the more they become psycho.
Bizarre is known for his ill rhymes. His part in ‘ These Drugs ‘ sounds similar to his words in ‘ Fight Music ‘ :
‘ You know why my hands are so numb? (No)
Cuz my grandmother sucked my dick
And I didn’t cum (Oh)
Smacked this whore for talking crap (Bitch)
So what if she’s handicapped (What?)
The bitch said Bizarre couldn’t rap’

Who wouldn’t agree with Proof on the fact most of those things the D12 are making fun of already exist and often reflect society:
Nobody wants to talk about a handicapped girl, nobody wants to talk about fat people, you know what I’m sayin’?? Nobody wants to do these things. But this shit exists. It’s so funny, ’cause [there’s] nothin’ we say or done, even that Em writes, either, that we created. It’s all here on Earth. We only talk about what we see. We reporters ourself, you know what I’m sayin’?”
Some people ( I guess intolerant conservative people are fighting in front line, as usual) may object that drugs may appear as cool on the song. The truth is that the listener has to distinguish between good and bad things. If you haven’t tried drugs before, I frankly doubt this song will make a drug addict of you, even if Eminem sarcastically pretends to influence you with his CD and make you want to try out the drugs he mentions.
Let Shady be Shady, let him say what he has to say. I mean it’s all about artistic creation and expression. The conclusion is funny and humors Slim Shady’s addiction. He advices people not to make their addiction public, because he already knows how much the media amplify known facts.
These Drugs
[Chorus 1]
It’s (it’s) be (be) cause (cause) of (of)
these drugs I do; that’s why I do the things, I do
Be.. cause.. of..
these drugs I do; that’s why I do the things, I do
[Eminem – speaking over Chorus 1]
It was like.. whoahh and then the fuckin room started spinnin and shit
And my friend came in he was like, “Yo! Yo! Em! Em!
You puttin that shit up your nose again?”
And I was like, “Naw” nuttin like – everything was just spinnin
I couldn’t even see and like, he started to look like a monster n shit
Then I just started laughin and threw up all over the fuckin floor
It’s crazy
[Chorus 2 – over last two lines of Chorus 1]
It’s because, of these drugs, that I do, that make me
do these things, that I do, do these things, that I do
My music is therapeutic for whoever’s there to use it
It’s like, Lucifer’s here to influence listeners through it
You probably do what it said to do just from listenin to it
It’s got the power to get you to do it (c’mon)
So when the shit comes on, I wanna see some shit jump off
Some bitch get slapped, some motherfuckin kid get stomped
So get this song, go run out and buy this disc
And try this shit, as much coke as I just did
Cause times like these, got me doin lines like these
Plus I grab a pencil every time that I light weed
It’s probably because of the drugs Shady does what he does
and is what he is, I’m dizzy Bizzy visit these kids
Hey Stephanie (hi!) Let’s take some ecstasy (okay!)
Now pull your pants down bitch and have sex with this dog next to me
(huh?) ‘Til I’m dead I’m takin blunts to the head
Needles in my broken leg, listen to Grateful Dead
These mescalines got me sure
that I can fuck any whore with genital warts on the Warped Tour
Who slipped this downer in my Snapple?
Cussin out Interscope (Bizarre, you’re signed to Capitol!)
Fuck it, I was born with half a brain
Sniffin ‘caine, at celebrity basketball games
You motherfuckers think I’m a gimmick
cause I got a Cash Money tattoo and roll with No Limit (UNNNNGGGHHH!)
The last time I sniffed blow
I ended up in Denver, Colorado at an Iggy Pop show
Bizarre be smokin a half a pound
Fuckin the engineer’s wife, while he’s mixin my song down
[Chorus 1]
[Eminem – speaking over Chorus 1]
It’s like, back when I first went on tour
I like, went crazy I was like out of control
And – just was fuckin wasted every night, like
wakin up the next morning like – where the..
Where the fuck am I at, what the fuck is goin on
you see what I’m sayin? I was just like, out of control
[Chorus 2 – over last two lines of Chorus 1]
[Swifty McVay]
These Benadryls got me stiffer than a mannequin
Eight years old swallowin Anacins, standin over my bannister
Laughin with a chromed out caliber (hahahahaha)
The weed that I’m sellin this (?) look like the back of a tarantula
I keep a substantial amount of aspirins in my Acura
Smashin it, after framin a nigga with smack and dust
I’m scandalous, drugs been ran for months
Crackin capsules to expand our blunts
I rolled it up and take the pressure to the head
Now I’m lookin like a extra on “Night of the Living Dead”
until they find me on a stretcher
I’m quick to sample anything, bitch you got a tester?
This crank’ll have me blowin up banks like Uncle Fester
Ahhhh.. watch tonight, you’ll admit that I’m a fiend
Pop beans, ‘scalines, along with amphetamines
Ghetto kings, meddling with the smell of greens
Got a Jell-o spleen, and see yellow rings (ohhhhhh)
Blue pills, and purple mushrooms
(Hey little girl, you got a curfew, don’t you?)
Missin since yesterday, perfect just for rape
See I’m on judgment day, numb from special K
Two tabs of X and vitamin C
Swallow Hennessey along with Tylenol 3
Grindin the teeth at the signs of the E
I lost six days at a time in the week
The crime in the street hold your parents for ransom
while D-12 gang rape Marilyn Manson
In twelve hours we blow a pound of the chronic
Barf up my stomach linin, drown in my vomit
[Chorus 1] – 2.5X
[Eminem – speaking over Chorus 1]
Cause I like, I always tell people – yknowhatI’msayin like
If you got an addiction, don’t admit, to nobody, yknowhatI’msayin?
Keep that shit to yourself; because if anybody sees that, yknahmsayin
when you’re out in the public eye and shit
they’re always gonna think that you’re on that shit even if you’re not
That’s why I always tell my friends, knowhatI’msayin but
I mean, like for me, I don’t give a fuck
I’ll probably end up, dyin from this shit one day
Probably pick up a newspaper in the morning and it’s like
“Eminem dies from, drug overdose” – youknowhatI’msayin? And
And my friends, they ain’t no fuckin better, yknowhatI’msayin?
They ain’t nothin but influences, bad influences to me, y’know
It’s peer pressure, shit is like all peer pressure
That’s what it boils down to – and, I give in to it
So do they..