Eminem, a political power

On the album’s first song, “White America,” he fantasizes he has fomented an underground army of angry young teens that authority figures are desperate to stop.
“So many lives I touch, so much anger aimed in no particular direction,” he raps. “… How could I predict my words would have an impact like this?”
Eminem has confused celebrity with political power. Sure, the kids are buying his records. His album is currently No. 1 on the Billboard chart. But planning revolution? Nah.
The paranoid delusions ‘ or are they wishes? ‘ continue. On later tracks Eminem claims Lynne Cheney, the FCC, MTV, the Bush administration and Tipper Gore are all trying to muzzle him. ‘
This is an exerpt of an article written by Leanne Potts in the ABQ journal. I would like to comment on her words and tell you why I strongly disagree with her. Like it or not, Eminem has power, and even the power to impress the Bush administration.
A recent survey has proven that 53% of the Americans found Eminem’s lyrics more credible and believable than Bush’s speeches. No, Leanne Potts, you’re so wrong : Eminem has a great impact on adults. It has been proven that 55% of 35-44 years old thought the same, according to the same survey that was taken in July 2003 :
If so many people consider Eminem a trustworthy person, he actually has some political power! Eminem doesn’t confuse celebrity with political power : when he addresses to the Bush administration, he exactly knows what he’s talking about. He points out serious issues and shows people the hypocrisy of the government. Eminem raises his voice and people are listening to his speech, because he is convincing.
He first addresses to the youth. Why ? Because- and particularly in politics- the youth is our future. The youth feels lost and is fed up with the governmental hypocrisy and empty promises. What should we think of Lynne Cheney’s attitude who fires at Eminem because she thinks he’s homophobic and who rejects her own daughter because she’s lesbian ? Hypocritical behavior.
Eminem is an authentic rebel, he shows his political opinions openly and protests against the White House’s policy :
‘ I am the ringleader of this circus of worthless pawns, sent to lead the march right up to the steps of Congress, and piss on the lawns of the White House, to burn the casket and replace it with a parental advisory sticker, to spit liquor in the faces of in this democracy of hypocrisy, fuck you Ms. Cheney, fuck you Tipper Gore, fuck you with the freest of speech this divided states of embarassment will allow me to have, fuck you, he, hahaha, I’m just playin’ America, you know I love you. ‘
His message started to reach people from different social classes.
People are longing for the truth. Eminem is well known for speaking his mind. He exposes true facts. Particularly after dramas like September the 11th, people were desillusioned and hopeless.
Eminem is an engaged rapper, his rap can be viewed as political rap. He is in Public Enemy’s continuity and he also intends to fight the power with his words.
Marshall Mathers is the voice of the people that are pulled apart by the government : the poor working classes. Black and white minorities alltogether.
A white man raises his voice against White America’s government. Even if his color seems to be an advantage, the talented rapper doesn’t use it selfishly, he uses it to defend his cause. A white man talks about injustice done to black people. A white man starts a war against conservatism. Or should I say : a revolution ? Frankly it angers me when people like Benzino target Eminem as a racist man, because he does more to defend black people than Benzino has ever done nor will do in his entire life. He uses the advantage of his skin color to defend and to point out black people’s problems.
‘ White America ‘ has often been viewed as ‘ anti patriotic ‘. In fact it is not. Eminem loves America, he just despises the American policy.
Once, I had left a negative comment about President Bush, answering a precise topic. Somebody objected me (I’m a European) :
‘ If that is what you think about the President , I’m afraid of what you think about America and its citizens ‘, or something similar. That person was so wrong. Despising the American policy doesn’t mean you dislike America. In fact, I have a lot of love and respect for America and its citizens, I just don’t like the person who runs this beautiful country. Is this so hard to understand ?
Marshall acts like a responsible citizen, he uses the First Amendment of the Constitution to use his free speech. And he feels like it is his duty to point out the governemental lies and hypocrisy. So many young lives have been sacrificed for Bush’s worthless Iraqui war. People are so tired of empty speeches and political correctness.
The American society needs Eminem’s criticism, he has the courage to raise his voice against injustice. Eminem urges the American government to have a look at the underprivileged of the society, he fights for more social justice. He offers an honest criticism of the American policy. Although ‘ Square Dance ‘ refers to dramatic events, Eminem’s intentions were positive when he was writing the song :
“The whole point in square dance was like, fuck everything that’s going on in the world right now and square dance with me.”
He canalizes the youth’s anger and unsatisfactions. He is the leader of a new generation who is determined to fight injustice and oppression. He knows how hard life is financially for single mother’s kids, having experienced the same, he stands next to the youth :
“I am a pioneer of the fastest-growing class of white Americans: The children of single-mother households, unsupported or barely supported by runaway fathers, growing up on fifty cents to the dollar of wage-earning potential, having a lot of unsupervised time on our hands, and a decided lack of paternal brutality that was and remains epidemic in two-parent homes, having to go out on the street with our latchkeys to find the citizen-forming brutality we were deprived of in the home.”
Eminem has started a revolution, he has managed to unite black and white poor working classes, he has given voice to them, and he has opened hip hop music to people who didn’t know anything about it. His heart stands close to the underprivileged of this world and that’s also why he has gained a lot of sympathies from many people.
If it happened to Eminem-within a decade- to be candidate to the Presidential election of the United States, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if people chose him as the leader of the White House.
America is in urgent need of courageous people like him who are ready to fight for their rights.

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