Eminem rescued ex-wife from suicide bid

EMINEM saved his ex-wife KIM MATHERS from committing suicide in Mexico last month (NOV03), according to the hip-hop star’s uncle.
Eminem’s uncle, TODD MARSHALL, says Mathers fled to sun-soaked resort Cancun during the two weeks she disappeared, missing court appearances on drug charges in her home state of Michigan.
Two arrest warrants were issued before she reappeared in two courts on 18 November (03).
Nelson, a Michigan-based paralegal, tells America’s STAR magazine, “I heard she had planned to kill herself down in Cancun, a place she’s always loved, and where she wanted to die.”
After Kim failed to appear in court on 4 November (03), Eminem was granted full temporary custody of the couple’s seven-year-old daughter HAILIE.
Nelson says Eminem, real name MARSHALL MATHERS III, persuaded Kim to turn herself in and posted her $50,000 (GBP29,411) bail.
He also claims Kim is upset about having to receive in-house drug treatment in January (04), noting, “She’s threatening suicide again.”