Benzino’s dirty little secret… check this out!

As you all know by now, Benzino (who is NOT a co-founder of the Source, as is often reported) has released tapes of a much younger Eminem using the N word and bad-mouthing Black women in a rambling, amateurish freestyle.
But what Benzino’s not telling you is that he himself was once affiliated with a white emcee, and that white emcee used the N word on the track they made together. In fact, it appears that Benzino told his white emcee to use the N word.
The emcee in question is named Bawston Strangla, and his connection to Benzino is detailed on his web page here, where you can also download the song he and Benzino worked on together in 2000, “Shamrocks and Glocks”. About 35 seconds into the song you will hear Strangla drop the proverbial “N” bomb, in a passage that sounds very random and out of place alongside his other lyrics.
Through some rudimentary googling I got in contact with a representative of the Bawston Strangla today. He indicated that Strangla is no longer associated with Benzino, and explained that while recording Shamrocks and Glocks, “during the session benzino told him to use the N word in the song”.
Benzino told him to use the N word.
This does nothing to minimize the offensiveness of Eminem’s newly unearthed lyrics, but it certainly places Benzino’s righteous indignation in a different light. Just in case anyone was starting to take him seriously.
Edit: Dru Garrity of Commonwealth Rcords hit me off with a little more info on what Bawston Strangla is up to now: “Bawston Strangla is finishing up his next LP “BEDLHAM IN BOSTON 1998-2004” which will feature the Benzino track as well as tracks produced by D-Tension, Dickie Skinz, RayBoy, Irish Devil.. We also just shot a video for the lead single “Got To Do”..