Forms of disrespect I can’t stand

Some arrogant people probably think they have the right to spread anything on the Internet, just to make fun of people.
Sometimes they really go to far.
Just because they don’t like Eminem ( I do respect their point of view, nobody forces them to like Eminem as an artist, not even as a person), they think they have the right to attack his family. I don’t know how Jenny Cide
found out about Nathan Mathers’ homepage, but she posted some comment about his website, saying ‘ Eminem’s lil brother has a shockingly awful website. ‘
Since then, a lot of people started coming to his website just to trash his guestbook and his website has been disabled. Come on, this is a real childish behavior. If you don’t like Eminem, leave his brother alone !
Nathan is 17 years old, his website is not supposed to be something very professional and even if you despise it, can’t you take into account that other people may like it ?
I am really shocked that people think they have the right to make fun of Nathan just because he is Eminem’s brother.
In fact, those people have no life and their attitude proves that they are unsatisfied with their own lives. If it wasn’t the case, they would not waste their time on Nate. I usually don’t waste my time on people I despise, my time is too precious for that. Take my advice, bunch of losers : get a damn life !